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Valsey and Me Review 13By Jamie from Jamie Reinhart Photography.

I recently had the opportunity to check out the gift soaps from  Valsey and Me and can’t wait to tell you all about these cute little soap chips!

Valsey and Me’s idea of using single use soap chips was born while Valerie was visiting a friend’s house. They had a regular bar of soap in the guest room, and we all know what it is like to use a bar of soap immediately after someone else! The idea behind the soap chip is to ditch the big bars of soap and instead use a single use soap to be discarded after use, leaving each guest with a new, fresh slab of soap! Add in personalized wrappers and cute craft gift boxes, and we have the perfect gift for so many different occasions!Valsey and Me Review 15

When I received the chips, I automatically knew the perfect way to use them. Lately I have seen a lot of brides looking for ideas on making the bathroom of their venue a little more decorative and personalized. What better item to personalize and put into a bathroom than soap?  There are a variety of scents and colors of the soap, so it should be very easy to find something that will go with the color scheme of your wedding-from a neutral cream soap to a cinnamon colored soap, there was something for every theme! You can also personalize the easy to peel wrappers of the chips to give an extra special personal touch to your day.Valsey and Me Review 17

To create the look, you can choose a container of your choice-something that goes with your wedding style-think small crystal vases if you like a little sparkle, a vintage basket for a more rustic theme, or even a sweet and simple ring dish. Add in decorative lanterns, candles, flowers, or signs (or a little bit of everything) and you have a perfectly personalized reception bathroom!Valsey and Me Review 19

We used a last name sign, a ring dish as the soap holder, and a candle. Ideas for the soaps do not end here, they are also perfect to add in your bridesmaid gift boxes, to use as shower favors, or even to use as wedding favors!

They also make the perfect housewarming gift, client gift, or host gift as well!

Shipping was fast, the soaps have a pleasant smell-which is great, because they are not incredibly strong or overwhelming. They are nice and sudsy and leave you with a clean bathroom sink! I should know-they are currently sitting in a super cute dish in my guest bathroom-everyone loves them!Valsey and Me Review 21

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