4 Times That You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

by Bonnie in — Updated April 4, 2020 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

4 Times That You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

If you’ve recently starting wearing an engagement ring you might be wondering: “Can I wear this thing all the time?”  Great question! The answer might surprise you. Even though it is tempting to keep your gorgeous ring on at all times, the truth is that you shouldn’t. Wearing your new jewelry 24/7 could cause unneccessary damage, and it will also increase your risk of loosing it. Keep your band safe, sound, and sparkly in the months leading up to your wedding, and well into your married future by taking it off these four crucial times.

1. When In Water

4 Times That You Should Take Off Your Engagement RingThis means all water — yes, even the shower! You should take your ring off when you are showering because soaps can dull or damage it, or it could slip off while you lather up your locks. Play it safe and take it off before hand. Also remove your ring before diving into the ocean, a pool, or any other body of water.

2. During Workouts
4 Times That You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

Lifting weights is no time for wearing a ring! Hard surfaces can scratch your ring, and the application of pressure against your finger while you are wearing the band could cause it to bend. Also, when you are focused on your sweat session you won’t want to be worrying about your diamond. Leave it at home and wear a rubber replacement ring instead.

3. Traveling To A Destination Where Your Ring Will Stand Out

If you start to have a funny feeling about wearing your diamond ring during your honeymoon or travel adventure, listen to your instincts. In some destinations around the world, your breathtaking diamond engagement ring might stand out and make you a target for theft. You may also be doing activities like spending time at the beach, and you won’t want to leave your ring in the hotel room (where it could get stolen). Remove your ring, and leave it in a safe place at home.


4. When You Clean4 Times That You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

Save your ring some wear and tear and simply take it off when you jump into a cleaning frenzy. Cleaning involves lots of soapy suds and chemical solvents. You’ll also be using your hands against hard surfaces. In addition to keeping your ring looking like new, you won’t lose it down a dirty drain. That’s a plus!

Engagement rings are fragile so treat your engagement ring as a piece of fine jewelry, not like a tattoo. It can come on and off for a reason! There are times when it is wise and wonderful to wear your ring, and other times when it is better follow these engagement ring rules about removing it. I hope that this helps, and leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

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