Short Wedding Dresses: Yes or No?

by Bonnie in — Updated March 29, 2024 — Reading Time: < 1
Short Wedding Dresses: Yes or No?

Traditionally, wedding gowns are full length, matched with right wedding dress train length. These days, many wedding traditions are going out the window, and are replaced by fun, funky new alternatives. One example is the trend of short wedding dresses. This look isn’t just for beach brides. It can also be pulled off at indoor affairs, backyard weddings, or woodland ceremonies.

What is your take on this look? Do you think it is classy and chic, or do you think it’s irreverent and too casual? Here’s a glimpse into both camps. Be sure to leave your opinion in the comments section below:

Short Wedding Dresses Are Perfect

  • A short dress can be just right for a laid-back, relaxed affair
  • With a short dress, you won’t have to worry about overheating in a hot climate
  • If you love your glam legs, you can show them off with a high cut dress
  • A short dress matches your authentic style

Short Dresses Aren’t For Weddings

  • Because a wedding is such a special occasion, it deserves a unique, traditional gown
  • Short dresses are too ‘normal’ so you won’t stand out as the bride
  • A short dress is inappropriate for a church ceremony

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