7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning

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Are you looking for a vintage engagement or wedding ring? Most people consider style, look and color before choosing their ideal ring.

Unfortunately, these are not the only considerations to make. Every engagement ring stone has its story, history, physique, and meanings. Choosing the right engagement or wedding ring stone lies in understanding its meaning. In this article, we’ll focus on the 7 popular engagement ring stones and their respective meaning.7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 17

1.    Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are everlasting! The sentiment alone makes diamond a popular gemstone to signal unending love. Diamond rings enjoy a popularity run that doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 19

The properties of this stone relate to its endurance, purity, and strength. Therefore, it’s meaning include.

  • Improved energy
  • Replacement of negative feelings with love
  • Clarity of mind and body
  • Increased courage

2.    Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds have been in existence for thousands of years. Their vibrant spirit and dramatic color make them a favorite for kings and queens, beloved and treasures as emblems of their beauty.

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 21

An emerald gemstone is perfect for an emerald engagement ring. It’s the birthstone for May. People associate it with noble benefits and characteristics like:

  • Improvement of knowledge, memory, and intelligence
  • Healing and cleansing powers
  • Increasing positive energy
  • Beauty and love

3.    Opal Engagement Rings

The name hints at their beauty and grandeur. The gemstones are available in a limitless number of looks and color.

The stone is the birthplace of October. Throughout times, people have been associating opal to mystical powers and other positive benefits. These include:

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhances creativity
  • Protects you against fever, illness, and dependency
  • Promotes, love, desire, and passion

4.    Ruby Engagement Rings

Unlike many gemstones, Rubies come in many colors and it’s perfect for a Ruby engagement ring. Colors include dramatic and vivid red, luscious pinks which is feminine and romantic. With this wide variety, there’s an ideal ruby for you.

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 23

Like its color, rubies have fiery and bold energy. Many of its properties relate to the light and sun. Many people associate it with:

  • Love, energy, and passion
  • Healing and cleansing of body and mind
  • Ultimate balance and vitality

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 25

5.    Sapphire Engagement Ring

A vintage sapphire engagement or wedding ring evokes adventure of romance and splendor. The stone is second to hardness, after diamonds. Therefore, you’re assured of durability once you purchase the ring.

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 27

The beauty and lush color of this gemstone endow the ring with abundant meaning. It includes:

  • Innocence and truth
  • Strength, vitality and good health
  • Protection

6.    Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine is among the precious engagement ring stones. The stone, a cousin of emerald, is quite hardy and appears dazzling when well-cut.

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 29

The engagement ring has amazing clarity that makes them look expensive. It’s also known as the “lucky stone”, making the perfect charm to marriage.

7.    Tanzanite Engagement Rings

7 Popular Engagement Ring Stones and Their Meaning 31

Tanzanite is a rare but beautiful gemstone. The gemstone is 1000 times rare than diamonds making it a befitting ring to give your spouse.

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