Genius Wedding Day Beauty Secrets

by Niki in — Updated January 11, 2020 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every bride wants to look magnificent on her wedding day! If you can accomplish that and make things easier at the same time, you’re a genius. Here are X genius wedding day beauty secrets that will really make your day.

Kool-Aid Lip Stain

If you’re worried about transferring lipstick to your groom’s clothing or losing your lipstick before all of the pictures are taken, try this. Use a Kool-Aid lip stain by dipping a wet q-tip in a red or pink Kool-Aid color and rubbing it on your lips. It will stain your lips a dark red color that will last for hours. You can simply finish with a non-messy gloss that you can easily re-apply often.

Genius Wedding Day Beauty Secrets
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For Short Wedding Dresses

When you shave on your wedding day, use baby oil rather than shaving cream. You’ll get a close shave, and your legs will be glowing and silky. This is perfect for short wedding dresses.

Genius Wedding Day Beauty Secrets

For Thicker, Fuller Lashes

Between coats of mascara, dust your lashes with baby powder. This will stick to the mascara that you previously applied and when you apply another coat, your lashes will look thicker and fuller.

Genius Wedding Day Beauty Secrets 3
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4 thoughts on “Genius Wedding Day Beauty Secrets”

  1. awesome tips!

  2. Kool Aid? How about Lipsense?

    • Kook Aid doesn’t dry your lips out like that horrible Lipsense.

  3. These tips are wildly unintelligent . These are dollar store beauty wedding tips… literally. Not one of these “tips” would be recommended by a medical dermatologist, nor an experienced aesthetician or even a ‘beautician’. This is your wedding day, skip the dollar store hacks for this monumental occasion. You don’t have to spend big bucks but it’s okay to spend a few extra dollars to have you beauty priorities met. If having your lips dark is important, get your lips professionally tinted. Not kool aid! Skip the baby oil and spend a few more dollars on a non-comedogenic silkening shave cream- or even laser hair removal. Do NOT put baby powder in your eyes! Not on your wedding day. Not EVER!! Whomever wrote this doesn’t have an education in beauty or health. Zero stars. Very bad advice!


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