Fancy DIY Mini Cake as The Most Talked About Wedding Favor

by Carla in — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 4 minutes

diy mini cake wedding favor

Mini cakes are beautiful ornaments to a wedding cake table. They can also be boxed individually and served to guests as wedding dessert. Moreover if you put them in a box and wrap with ribbon, they are excellent wedding favors. A stunning “thank you” and memorable gift to your guests.

If you worry about the cost, you can make your own mini cakes at your home. It is easy to make and they are charmingly superb!

What you need:

  1. Fondant icing (white, pink and purple)
  2. Mud cake or fruit cake
  3. Food ring or dessert ring
  4. Flower cutter
  5. Cupcake box
  6. Ribbon

In this tutorial, purple, pink and white fondant icings are used but you can use any color you want as long as it compliments your wedding theme. If you are done choosing your colors, then let’s begin. First, place mud cake or fruit cake on a large bowl. Make sure it is moist enough because you are going to compact it down to make the base of the mini cake. Squeeze it together to create a 150-gram ball of mud cake.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 1:Compact a ball of mud cake or fruit cake as base of your cake.

Next, measure 200 grams of white fondant icing or sugar dough. This serves as the packaging for your mini cake. Grab the dessert ring or food ring and vegetable shortening. Get a small piece of vegetable shortening and rub it on the inside of the ring.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 2:Measure 200 grams of white fondant icing which serves as the packaging of your cake.

Get your ball of fondant icing and use a roller to flat it down. Flat but thick enough for the packaging.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 3:After that, use roller to flat it down.

Once the fondant icing is plain flat, get the mud cake and put it on the center. Then, wrap it up. Make sure the mud cake is sealed up. After that, roll it up to achieve a cylinder shape.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 4:Place the ball of mud cake in the center of the flat fondant icing and wrap it up.

To achieve a perfect cylinder, use the food ring. The pushing and rolling of the cake will help you achieve the best cylinder shape for the mini cake. I will remind you this might take a few minutes to obtain.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 5:Roll and press it down the food ring to achieve the cylinder-shaped cake.

Once you have the perfect cake, you can start decorating. Grab the purple fondant icing and cut a long strip. Touch it with some water and start wrapping it around the bottom of the cake. Then, trim off the excess. Use pink fondant icing and flower cutter for additional decor on your cake.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 6:Start decorating the cake by using the excess fondant icings.

If you are satisfied with the look of your mini cake, then it is time to put in a box. Place it in a 3-inch silver cardboard and put in a cupcake box. Wrap it with ribbon. And you are finished! A lovely mini cake that will surely be the talk of your BIG day.

diy mini cake wedding favor
Step 7:If you are satisfied with look of mini cake, place it in a cupcake box and wrap it with ribbon.

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