5 Genius Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

by Niki in , , — Updated June 15, 2024 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you want to deviate from the norm with your wedding, sometimes you have to work with the details. Here are 5 great ways to take your wedding from normal to unique and wonderful!

Decorate the Aisle

Use rose petals to decorate the aisle rather than have them strewn about. This is perfect for the couple who won’t have a flower girl at their wedding and it’s striking and beautiful! You can use any design you want; something that’s special to you or a simple and pretty design.

Wedding Ceremony Decor
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Wear a Colored Dress

Choose a dress that’s your favorite color and go with that rather than the traditional white wedding dress. It’s no longer taboo to wear colored dresses, in fact, many of Hollywood’s leading ladies are wearing colored dresses these days.

Colored Wedding Dress
Photo Source: lauramurrayphotography.com

Wear a Real Flower in Your Hair

Skip the veil and wear a beautiful flower as a hair accessory. It can be your favorite kind of flower or just one that matches your wedding colors. It’s beautiful and unique.

Wedding Hair Accessories
Photo Source: lovelifestudios.com

Fingerprint Wedding Rings

These unique wedding bands feature fingerprints of the spouse inside. When considering what to engrave in wedding band, personal messages, special dates, or meaningful quotes can add a touch of sentimentality and make the rings even more special.. His ring has her fingerprint while her ring has his fingerprint. It’s a really unique and cute way to carry your love with you always.

Fingerprint Wedding Ring
Photo Source: etsy.com

A Pop of Color

Wear a crinoline skirt under your wedding dress. If it’s a bright color, it will peek out and provide a beautiful pop that is attractive and unique.

Pop of Color

Use these fun and unique wedding ideas to make your wedding memorable and beautiful.

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  1. These are great ideas! I really like the floral isle. It looks very elegant and gives a new meaning to a red carpet entrance!


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