5 Best Hollywood Proposals

by Niki in , — Updated May 27, 2024 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

Who doesn’t love a good proposal scene? Whether it’s your favorite TV show or the latest blockbuster, today we’re celebrating some of Hollywood’s most beautiful proposals. Which one on our list is your favorite?

  1. Jim and Pam from The Office

Many girls wants a big, elaborately planned proposal. However, what really melts the heart is a show of pure love and emotion, which is exactly what Pam gets from Jim on The Office. These two are so adorable and one of the best TV couples. Jim teased Pam with proposal fakeouts all season, making fans go nuts. With Pam in New York and Jim still in Scranton, the couple started to really miss each other. They finally meet up at a gas station and Jim proposes right there on the street. All together now: awww!

  1. Margaret and Andrew from The Proposal

In this hilarious movie, we get to see true love between an unlikely couple. This proposal, of course, is for their fake marriage, but it’s still very sweet and funny. Of course, the best part is watching this couple realize they’re crazy for each other!

  1. Melanie and Andrew from Sweet Home Alabama

This movie was the perfect level of corny, and we love the dream proposal scene where Andrew takes Melanie into a closed Tiffany’s store and tells her to “pick one.” It may be every girl’s dream proposal, but we all know she’s still in love with the jeans-wearing, truck-driving, beer-drinking Jake! Still, Andrew’s proposal is definitely a great one.

  1. Darcy and Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice

Who can resist this confession of love between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy? It definitely tugs at the heartstrings and after his brutish behavior, it’s very satisfying to see him so vulnerable and completely in love!

  1. Landon and Jamie from A Walk to Remember

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching proposal on this list is the one between Landon and Jamie from A Walk to Remember. After he builds her telescope so she can cross one of the things off her bucket list, he asks her to marry him, even though he knows she’s dying. True love!

If you’re not all weepy and love struck after watching these clips, then nothing will move you! What is your favorite Hollywood proposal scene?

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