By the Crashing Waves – Surprise Proposal


The view and sound of crashing ocean is just magnificent. Then you add within it a genuine showcase of love and you have the perfect scenery. And that’s what we have for you today! Jennifer and Alex’s proposal photos which was shot by the coast of San Diego. It was a bit overcast the day he decided to ask for her hand in marriage but it worked so well in their favor for their photographer came out with beautiful shots brought upon a dramatic lighting. And as if nature wasn’t amazing enough for that moment, they also chanced upon a double rainbow! What a perfect way to end a romantic day. Congratulations Jennifer & Alex!

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On Life & Love – An Engagement Shoot


For someone to say that about you is flattering but to have someone you love utter those words, it’s just pure bliss. What an inspiring couple. I love the way Kevin told the story on how they met and how he considers this the most important thing to happen to him that year despite him having a very eventful athletic on that year too. Then, I love how Courtney shared how he proposed – it was such a sweet story! You guys have to read it. And I guess the reason why this engagement shoot looked so perfect is that because the two people in it are completely and utterly in love and in awe with each other. The poses they did in this album felt like something they actually do in a daily basis – I am that convinced of their actions. Congratulations Courtney & Kevin!

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Picturesque Sunset


I can go all day describing and adoring that view – it is just breathtaking. And to have some of the most important photos of you and your significant other’s life shot in this kind of beauty – it truly is a magnificent moment to behold. That vast amount of greens, that beautiful sunset, and the two people who are head over heels in love with each other, if that isn’t the equation for the perfect outdoor shoot then I don’t have no idea what is. But aside from this view, our couple also had their photographer take shots of them in various locations, all of which are a nature lover’s dream! Congratulations Lesley & Jamison!

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Basket and Gold Hoops


This couple, Lauren & Andy, decided to have their engagement photos taken to where it all began – their alma mater, Indiana University Bloomington. What’s cool is the facade of the university was historically beautiful that choosing this location was like hitting two birds in one stone. After which, they moved the shoot to the courts for some school spirit action – they actually reminded me of the High School Musical power couple, Troy and Gabriella. It was so cute. So there you have it, if you and your significant other met in college (or in highschool), why not try to reminisce those days and have your engagement shoot, or a part of it, where the love began. Congratulations Lauren & Andy!

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