You Are My Home

by Chelsea in — Updated April 18, 2021 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

With Covid-19 restrictions in most venues these days, what better place to have a photo op than at home? Today’s featured engagement is Lindzie and Greg’s which was taken at the comfort of their home. Look how natural are these two! I bet it was fun for Epic Imagery to capture Lindzie and Greg’s special moments as they cooked, cuddled, and even brushed their teeth. Genuine love indeed translated in each photo! If you want a chill and cozy engagement session like this, now you know lounging at home can be so romantic!  Go sit back, relax and scroll through their photos below!

You Are My Home 29You Are My Home 31You Are My Home 33You Are My Home 35You Are My Home 37You Are My Home 39You Are My Home 41You Are My Home 43You Are My Home 45You Are My Home 47You Are My Home 49You Are My Home 51You Are My Home 53You Are My Home 55

Associated Vendors

Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Epic Imagery


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