8 Worst Wedding Advice Tips Ever

by Niki in , — Updated October 22, 2019 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

8 Worst Wedding Advice Tips EverIt’s time. The big day is near and you’re finding that everyone is sharing their two cents for your big day.  How do you know what advice to take?

Here are some tips. Don’t follow these! Here are the 8 worst wedding advice tips ever:

1.) Send invitations to more people than you want to: This just sounds wrong, doesn’t it? Sadly, a lot of couples do this. They have trouble whittling down their list and decide to invite everyone, or fear hurting feelings for not inviting everyone. Invite those you want to attend. Nuff’ said. –Brides.com

2.) The bride must wear white: Not true. As a bride, wear whatever color you want! Including red, green, yellow, pink, etc. The sky’s the limit. This is YOUR big day, isn’t it?- The Knot8 Worst Wedding Advice Tips Ever

3.) Take out a loan for your wedding: No thank you. Do you want to be paying for your special day for years to come? Nope. Instead, plan thoughtfully and save, save, save.

4.) Plan everything yourself: A wedding is a huge, important event. It is overwhelming for bridal planners; can you image how stressful this would be for you! Get a wedding planner or enlist a good friend to handle all or most of the planning. You won’t regret it!

5.) Don’t worry about the cost: What? Many say your wedding is your one big day. This can be true but this doesn’t mean you must throw your budget out the window. Make a budget, plan, stick to it!

6.) Have a potluck reception: If done right it can be a big success. However, the idea can easily backfire because if not carefully planned, you can have a ton of random dishes that you hate.

7.) Telling guests an earlier wedding start time so everyone is on time: Leaving guests waiting unnecessarily is not a good idea. Pick a start time AND share it with your guests.8 Worst Wedding Advice Tips Ever

8.) Wear a hand me down dress that you don’t love: Yes, there are traditions but wearing a dress you don’t absolutely love will show. Pick a gown you adore. That’s that.-MSN

9.) You don’t need marriage counseling, you totally love each other: Okay, yes. You totally love each other, but you both need to learn how to do life together. If you’re in a metro city like Chicago, BetterHelp can be a huge help for you and your partner.

It can be hard to not follow the advice of those close to you. Hopefully these 8 tips not to follow will help you steer clear of any more bad advice that may come your way.  Stick with your gut and you will fare well.

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