Winter Wonderland Dessert Table: A Partnership with Bake It Pretty

by Niki in — Updated November 27, 2019 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

I am so excited to finally be able to show you the project I’ve spent weeks on (for anyone waiting for a color palette or inspiration board, this is why it’s been delayed…). With the help of some great products from Bake It Pretty, I’ve designed an attractive but attainable dessert table for anyone looking to add this popular treat onto their wedding, bridal shower, or even a  holiday party. The colors, of course, could be adapted to fit your event or changed to suit the season, but with the holidays quickly approaching, we figured we’d celebrate the season!

Looking for a specific element? Here are the project’s quicklinks:

Here’s a look at what we put together. We’ll be going through each element in a post so you can recreate it element by element or use each piece as a base to build upon with your own creativity.

Winter Wonderland

I want to take the time to give a big shout out to the crew who made this possible. Here are the credits on this project:

Photography: Michael Haug
Prop Styling: Kirki Schultz
Food Styling: Maddy Hague of the Inspired Bride
Calligraphy: Leigh Wells
Selected Featured Products: courtesy of Bake It Pretty

• • ♥ • •

Here’s a preview of some of the supplies we used to complete the look. All of these little beauties are available from Bake It Pretty (no, they didn’t pay me to rock their goods, their selection’s just awesome and I’m thrilled to have worked with them on this shoot!). Images below courtesy of Bake It Pretty.

Bake It Pretty Shopping List

14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Dessert Table: A Partnership with Bake It Pretty”

  1. WOW!!!!! this post is so amazing! What a gorgeous display – you may have just found a new calling – sweet treat display set-up and food styling. Can’t wait to see more posts on this display.

  2. Oh that is truly stunning. The light blues and whites are so vibrant. Love it!

  3. thiz is lovely. love the blues, whites and silver. would make great wedding colors

  4. Just beautiful!
    Thank you very much for all these posts!
    All the instructions are wonderful and this has been bookmarked for sure. . .
    suggestion: you could add the related links to this post so it’s all in one place 😀

  5. Oh my gosh. Seriously I wish this was done for a summer themed wedding! You did SUCH a great job, Maddy! What an inspiration!

  6. LOVE IT! LOVE IT ALL! Very pretty, approachable and delicious-looking.

  7. I saw this go live last night but was trying not tot type at oh midnight. What an amazing job you did! I love it! Yum yum!

  8. Thanks so much everyone! I’m so happy everyone likes it! It’s really gratifying – the crew and I put a lot of work into it and we’re really excited about the feedback!

  9. Just too pretty and swoonsome! I’d definitely go for a dessert table if I still have time. The wedding is this Sunday! 🙂

  10. Thanks so much, guys!

  11. i’m a little late on my blog reading…but, just wanted to say that this is amazing! it was so worth the wait! very, very well done. i really like that it can be adapted to any color theme or type of party. thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Gorgeous! What I’m really attracted to though are the little silver spherical card-holders. Where are those from?


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