Whimsical Wands from Craft Up Your Life

by Niki in — Updated March 11, 2020 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is such a great way to get both adults and children involved in your wedding.  These wands are fun to wave around and will add beautiful streams of color as you walk down the aisle (without adding any clean up).  They double as favors and dancing props when the DJ plays Waving Flag.  Serena will customize the ribbons in your wedding colors and can personalize it too.  For some joyful sounds, you can even add bells to ring in some happiness for the newlyweds.

whimsical wandswhimsical wandswhimsical wandswhimsical wandsWhimsical Wands from Craft Up Your Life 11

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4 thoughts on “Whimsical Wands from Craft Up Your Life”

  1. This is a really nice idea, I will pass this tip onto any of my customers looking for advice. thank you

  2. Hello, I need 50 wands with bells for my wedding on Sept. 20. What is your cost with and without bells. I would also like personalized. Thanks

  3. Hello
    I am looking for 50 wands for Football season. Navy, white, and perhaps silver. What is the cost?
    Thank you so much.


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