4 Ways to Recruit and Staff Your Sales Force (Wedding Vendors)

by Niki in — Updated November 4, 2019 — Reading Time: 4 minutes

Increasing bookings for events and weddings is the primary goal of being a wedding vendor. But one thing for sure is that you can’t handle such a task alone. You’ll need an events sales team to help you boost your number of bookings and brand awareness. If it’s your first time in the wedding and event planning industry, it can be a little bit troubling to put together an A team to do sales.

4 Ways to Recruit and Staff Your Sales Force (Wedding Vendors) 9

With that in mind, I hope this article is going to shed some light on the various ways you can recruit the right people for your sales team. Read on to learn more.


1. Consider their Passion and Interests

Whether you’re in photography, a caterer or any other wedding services, working with people who are passionate about your domain is critical. Wedding and event planning-related fields are all about passion and fun. Of course, you can train your employees on the basics, but having some sales experience is mandatory.4 Ways to Recruit and Staff Your Sales Force (Wedding Vendors) 11

The right candidates must love to network, and this requires excellent communication skills. Essentially, knowing what the candidate is passionate about is essential lest you end up with a person who is just looking for a paycheck. They should share their hobbies and interests, so that you learn as much as possible about them.

2. Give them a Reason to Join You

One thing that is definitely true is that most people nowadays usually look at the overall perks that a job offers. They don’t just look at the paycheck. Your product or service must be compelling enough to give them a reason to wake up every day while psyched for the job. So, you want to ensure that you’re offering something that motivates them and makes your service or product unique.4 Ways to Recruit and Staff Your Sales Force (Wedding Vendors) 13

Candidates are usually excited to join companies that offer a prospect of influence and growth in their organization. Make sure you look at those elements when looking for candidates for your sales force. You can also have an incentive program to reward the hard-working members with devices that are stylish, but also improve their work performance, a current example being the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They’ll feel more encouraged if they like what you offer and feel appreciated.

3. How Are You Going to Pay Them?

Commission-based sales jobs are by far the most popular and the least expensive when it comes to hiring salespeople. Sadly, some people tend to shy away from these kinds of sales jobs. Instead, you want to offer something like a base pay together with a commission or bonus structure. This combination will help to boost the performance of your team.

A base pay gives the guarantee of a monthly salary, so your team doesn’t need to worry about paying their bills during slow months. But you must ensure that you have quotas that each team member must meet in order for them to keep the job.4 Ways to Recruit and Staff Your Sales Force (Wedding Vendors) 15

4. Encourage Learning and Training

The whole idea behind weddings is making the big day special and fun for the couple. You must strive to assemble a sales team that allows you to offer this idea to your clients. Your sales process will be solid if your team knows how to find qualified leads. Most importantly, they should know what services will suffice the needs of your clients.

It is the merging of successful sales techniques that they inherently know or learn through training coupled with a sense of style and showmanship (which means always staying on top of new and attractive trends for each season) and bit of that je ne sais quoi that makes for a killer sales team in the wedding industry.

Training should focus on the improvement of your products and services. For example, if you have a wedding venue, you should offer varied ways clients can customize it to suit their theme and style, plus be ready to offer inspiration if they feel unsure. Your team should be aware of all the options you have if you want them to be better at pitching and closing.

The Takeaway!

Weddings and other events are fun, and that’s precisely what you should offer to your clients. As such, be sure to take the time to ensure you are recruiting salespeople that understand your products and services well. Also, if the job is commission-based, be sure to encourage commitment by offering more opportunities for your team to grow.

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