Intimate Mountain Elopement

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A lot of future brides dream about having a huge celebration. But with the pandemic, many choose to go for small and romantic weddings instead. Take Kelli and Jason who went for an intimate mountain elopement. While the usual trend is to have hundreds of guests in perhaps a large ballroom, these two exchanged their vows with only the mountains surrounding them! I could sense the special atmosphere that made their magical moments together. Oh, did I mention that it was just the two of them? Well, after all, good things come in small packages, right? Thanks to Nichole Emerson Photography, we can check out Kelli and Jason’s sweet elopement in the photos below!

Intimate Mountain Elopement 39Intimate Mountain Elopement 41Intimate Mountain Elopement 43

Down To The Nitty – Gritty

From The Photographer

Kelli and Jason had both been married and divorced before and didn’t think that they would get married again until they met each other.  They are both kind and genuine souls.  They decided on an intimate elopement in the mountains with just the two of them.  They rented a cabin through VRBO for the weekend on 40 acres in Fraser, Colorado.  They said their vows along a trail on the property surrounds by mountains.  Then they cut a small cake and had a toast with each other.  They incorporated some fun elements into their day with gifts to each other, an old family bible, messages on the bottom of their shoes, a mr & mrs sign, and seeds that represented the start of their journey together.  We did some portraits before and after their vow reading in a few different areas around the property.  The fall colors were in full force with yellow and orange highlights spreading throughout the landscape.  

Intimate Mountain Elopement 45Intimate Mountain Elopement 47Intimate Mountain Elopement 49Intimate Mountain Elopement 51Intimate Mountain Elopement 53Intimate Mountain Elopement 55Intimate Mountain Elopement 57Intimate Mountain Elopement 59Intimate Mountain Elopement 61Intimate Mountain Elopement 63Intimate Mountain Elopement 65Intimate Mountain Elopement 67Intimate Mountain Elopement 69Intimate Mountain Elopement 71Intimate Mountain Elopement 73Intimate Mountain Elopement 75

Associated Vendors

Floral Designer: Margaret’s Garden
Event Venue: VRBO
Photographer: Nichole Emerson Photography

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