Lauren & Andrew – Old-School Wedding

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Lauren & Andrew’s wedding day was just classy from top to bottom. Featuring art deco and a 1920s style, our couple schooled us as to what vintage really means. Since the two are dubbed as old-school romantic, they visualized that they should have a wedding that would go hand-in-hand with their personalities and they were able to accomplish more than that. Our bride herself is already oozing with glam and elegance that it’s not surprising that the whole event followed after her vibe. From the ceremony and post ceremony outfits to the vintage limousine, they were able to nail “vintage” to a tee.

Read as to what their photographer has to say in our couple’s special day while feasting your eyes on posh and vintage details that will make you wish you were born on such a classy period in time. Once again, congratulations to Lauren & Andrew!

Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00025_low Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00030_lowWhat do you think is the overall story for this album?

Lauren and Andrew’s wedding was truly classic. Retro glamour pervaded the affair, from Lauren’s vintage engagement ring to the antique getaway car to the heirloom decor details. Their first date song said it best: the day was nothing short of “very, very extraordinary.” Congratulations to these two old-school romantics. L-O-V-E was made for them!

collage2 collage1What inspired the wedding day outfits?

Lauren was inspired by her vintage emerald art deco ring. Jewel tones and retro glamour pervaded the affair.

Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00017_low Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00035_lowWhat was your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was watching the happy couple exit the venue amidst colorful streamers.

Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00071_low Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00051_low


Was there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

Lauren made amazing colored streamer wands that guests used to send them off in a flurry of color. The photographs were awesome!



What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

The highlight of the ceremony was afterwards when Lauren and Andrew shared a private moment in the priest’s chamber and I was able to capture this joy in a reflection!

Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00125_low collage5


Brown_Osti_Anne_Rhett_Photography_BrownOstiTBL00131_low Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

Art deco, retro glamour


Photographer:  Anne Rhett Photography
Caterer:  King street hospitality group
Event Venue:  Upstairs at Midtown
Transportation:  vintage limousine


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