Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf

by Niki in — Updated February 28, 2020 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

I mentioned last week that I’ve been trying to develop some fresh reoccurring article ideas for you in order to keep the Inspired Bride ahead of the curve and to continue giving you,  my readers, the unique voice you’ve come to expect from the blog. Today I’m launching another new feature entitled Hello, Inspo!

Stemming from my earlier trip to a peony farm (seriously, pun not intended) and the increasing influence of other areas of design and the blogosphere on the Inspired Bride, this new feature will incorporate things not necessarily “wedding” related but can easily be translated to an area of wedding planning. The first one up on Hello, Inspo (not including the peony farm post, which I’ve added into the newly-created category) is the work of stylist Lo Bjurulf, whose sets absolutely blow me away. Here are some of my top picks from her portfolio for some incredible event design inspiration.

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 9

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 10

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 11

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 12

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 13

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 14

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 15

Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf 16

Images from Lo Bjurulf’s portfolio on Agent Bauer.

6 thoughts on “Hello, Inspo!: Lo Bjurulf”

  1. Those irridescent lanterns are so ethereal that they seem unreal. What a perfectly dreamy touch for a wedding!

  2. These are great! The rooms look like they were just asking for a party to happen there!

  3. Such beautiful tones and textures! My wedding was actually the colors in images 3,4 and 5! Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing all the inspirations!


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