5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day

by Bonnie in — Updated July 16, 2020 — Reading Time: 4 minutes

5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day

Have you set the date for your wedding? If so, then you have super motivation for getting to your healthiest, most beautiful self by that date. You want to do this in a loving way, without crash dieting, fasting, or working out to an extreme. Instead, treat yourself to a healthy, gentle detox. Toxins are substances in our bodies that don’t contribute to our health and well being says Doctor 4 U. Detox methods help the body naturally release these toxins. The result is a happier, healthier bride!

1. Drink Lemon Water 

5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day
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Have a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Squeeze half of an organic lemon into warm water (about 135 degrees) and drink this on an empty stomach. In a way, the benefit of this practice is as much mental as it is physical. You are setting an intention for a pure, cared for body each time you prepare this drink. This intention can set the mood of your day. Lemon water is said to aid digestion and prevent bloating. It also helps boost your mood, hydration levels, and liver functioning. Because lemons are full of antioxidants, this drink can also help you have a glowing complexion in your wedding day photos.

2. Epsom Salt Baths

5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day
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Although it is called Epsom salt, this substance is not really salt! It is actually magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is an ion that regulates hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. It is easily absorbed through skin, so soaking in an Epsom salt bath can replenish the magnesium in your body. An Epsom salt bath also pulls toxins from your body because of the many ions in the water.

3. Exfoliate

5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day
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When you scrub your skin with either a rough textured cloth or loofah, or an exfoliating cream, you are actually scrubbing away pollutants, dead skin, and substances that your body has pushed out through the skin.  Skin is the largest organ in your body, and is constantly working as a barrier between you and the world. Think of it as a filter or a screen. It does your body wonders to clean off the filter, and it feels amazing too!

4. Sit In A Sauna Or Steam Room

5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day
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Saunas and steam rooms are hot and can be humid, which makes you sweat. This is super cleansing for your entire system! Chemicals and toxins that your body was holding on to can be poured out in sweat. Researchers have found that people combine sauna visits with exercise have lower levels of many toxins in their bodies, including pharmaceuticals, PCBs, and heavy metals. Feel vibrant and healthy on your big day. Use a sauna or steam room regularly for a few months before you say “I do”!

5. Eat Vegetarian Meals


5 Gentle Ways To Detox Before Your Big Day
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Have you ever noticed that some meals make you feel light, while some meals make you feel heavy? Meat is a dense, protein rich substance that takes longer to digest than many plant-based foods. Fruits and veggies are digested faster, and are usually full of fiber. Raw vegetables especially are full of insoluble fiber, which can help to clean out the GI tract. Try eating meat-free for a few days and let your system re-set! And remember, it’s equally important to prioritize your mental health alongside your physical health, as you prepare for your wedding day. One easy way to take care of your mental health is by connecting with a licensed therapist, such as the ones at BetterHelp.

The detox methods that you choose do not have to take over all of your attention and create conflict in your life. Gentle detox methods can be added in to your routine in an easy and relaxed manner. Feel great about your health and body as your wedding date approaches! I’d love to learn about any other detox methods that have worked for you. Please leave a note in the comments below. Happy detoxing!

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