Funniest Television and Movie Weddings

by Niki in — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: < 1

As you’re planning your wedding, you might get a little stressed out now and then. To take the edge off and realize it’s not as serious as you sometimes think, check out the funniest television and movie weddings.

Funniest Television and Movie Weddings

Michael Scott’s Wedding Speech

In this episode of The Office, Michael’s employee Phyllis has just married her sweetheart. Michael thought he’d give an inspirational speech but falls very short.

Lucas and Peyton’s Wedding

One Tree Hill’s Luke and Peyton were destined to be, and who better to perform the ceremony than their best friend, Haley. Poor Haley ends up trying a little too hard; luckily things end up going well in the end.

Cake Disaster

In the movie 28 Days, there’s no doubt Sandra Bullock’s character is troubled, but the following scene involving the wedding cake is hilarious and almost painful to watch on TV.

The Jim and Pam Wedding Dance

Another excerpt from The Office leads us to the Jim and Pam wedding dance. If you haven’t seen the JK wedding dance on YouTube, you have to watch that one first as the one from The Office is a parody of that.

When things get too stressful for you, just remember that at least none of these things is likely to happen at your wedding!

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