Fun Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

by Samantha in — Updated February 23, 2020 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since the idea of guestbook alternatives became popular, there have been so many new ideas to choose from. Some are clever, some are sentimental and others are artistic. Here are some fun wedding guest book alternatives you might enjoy.

Balloon Picture Guest Book Alternative

With this clever idea, a cartoon couple holds on to a string of “balloons.” The balloons are actually small circles your guests sign and then glue to the strings.

Fun Wedding Guest Book Alternatives
Image Source: Etsy

The result is an adorable memento of your wedding guests that you can hang in your home. You can also choose whatever colors you want to match your wedding colors.

Puzzle Piece Guest Book Alternative

This clever idea is to have guests sign blank puzzle pieces rather than a guest book.

Fun Wedding Guest Book Alternatives
Image Source: The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Once the guests have all signed the pieces, they can be put together to create a hanging or kept apart in a memory box. It’s an adorable way to remember your loved ones who celebrated your big day with you.

Vase Guest Book Alternative

This is another really clever idea that leaves you with a memento that can actually be used around your home. Rather than having guests sign a book, you get them to use a Sharpie marker and sign a vase.

Fun Wedding Guest Book Alternatives
Image Source: Bridal Elements

After everyone has signed the vase, you can clear coat the vase with enamel spray paint and keep it forever!

These are just a few of the available wedding guest book alternatives you can use for your own wedding. A little creativity and imagination will turn up something truly unique and wonderful!

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