Font Love: Faces for Every Budget

by Niki in , , — Updated August 27, 2023 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

Whether you’re working with a designer to customize your invitation, or you’re doing your own computer calligraphy to save a few bucks, there’s nothing better than being armed with a beautiful typeface. A well chosen face will help set the tone of and add elegance to your event. Here’s some of our “every budget” favorites – and, thanks to font previews on the source websites, you can see if they’re your favorites too!

A Note About Free Fonts: While yes, everyone’s eyes grow wide at the prospect of a free script, there’s a reason you’re not laying down money for them. They very often are free because either the type designer is new, or it was quickly and shabbily done – you particularly notice bad kerning in many of these fonts, where the space relationships between letters within a single word can be drastically different. Unless you can fix this issue yourself and are an Illustrator/InDesign pro, I highly recommend staying away from free fonts and instead opting for a cheaper pay typeface. The free fonts recommended here are all decently auto-kerned so there won’t be any incredibly glaring issues for those who aren’t type-savvy (from what I’ve seen in my limited testing of them, anyway).



Old Script

from top to bottom:
Exmouth, available from DaFont
Old Script, available from DaFont



Daisy Lau

Lily Wang

P22 Allyson Regular

from top to bottom:
Ambassador, available from MyFonts, $14.95
Daisy Lau, available from MyFonts, $18.50
Lily Wang, available from MyFonts, $18.50
P22 Allyson Regular, available from Veer, $19.95


Monsieur La Dou


from top to bottom:
Monsieur La Doulaise, available from Veer, $49
Sloop, available from MyFonts, $40


Bickham Script



Palace Script

from top to bottom:
Bickham Script Pro, available from Veer, $95
Burgues, available from Veer, $99
Compendium, available from Veer, $99
Palace Script STD, available from Veer, $55

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