Winter Wonderland Dessert Buffet: Candy Display

by Niki in , , — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: < 1

Winter Wonderland Candy Buffet

Let’s talk candy! For this table, we opted to go with more modern glassware over apothecary jars. These guys are actually three different sized hurricane jars in the same style that were picked up from Michael’s. To add more visual interest and to help tie the table together more, we picked up a couple silver finish hurricane stands (from the Container Store) and lined them with the same roll wrap used on the dual layer runner. When arranging them, keep the shorter hurricanes in the front and the larger ones in the back – this will look better visually but also help your guests access the different candies and treats more easily.

Images by Michael Haug; prop styling by Kirki Schultz; food styling by Maddy Hague.

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Dessert Buffet: Candy Display”

  1. love them
    where do u get thoes blue candy from ?

  2. Love your winterland table! Would love to know where you got hold of the rock candy swizzle sticks. The only place I can find it is from the USA. Thanks for sharing!

  3. how do you spell excitement? CANDY!!
    Especially when it is themed and displayed so lovely.


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