Do It Yourself Project: Cigar Favor

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From Victoria:

Whether at a wedding, engagement party or other celebration ending the night on a classy note is always desired. Send off your guests with these adorable cigar favors and they will be quite pleased. If you’re concerned about distributing real cigars, consider using chocolate ones instead.

Do It Yourself Project: Cigar Favor 2

What You’ll Need:

Metal Bottle Tops
Cigars – Real or Chocolate
Double Sied Tape

Design 1″ circular labels and cut to size, then attach a label onto the inside of each bottle top with double-sided tape. Cut your ribbon into 4 inch pieces. Wrap the ribbon around your cigar and glue into place. Wrap the ribbon again around the back of the cigar and glue into place – this will leave you with a small loop on the side for your match to rest. Attach your bottle cap to the front of the cigar with glue and let dry. Using the side loop, slide in a match. Set several out in an antique ashtray to style a lovely old-world send off for your guests.

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Victoria Hudgins is author of The City Cradle where she shares her handcrafted celebration designs and do it yourself projects. She is an event stylist living in San Diego, mom to twin toddlers and a passionate lover of beautiful artisan design.

Images by Jackie Wonders.

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