DIY Water Balloon Luminaries: The Coolest Candle Project Ever!

by Carla in — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

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For some, making candles seem to be an ordinary activity. But creating luminaries bring a new twist to candle-making. This project produces lovely luminaries that bring warm and dainty glow which could be an amazing wedding centerpiece. Bring a personal touch to your BIG day!

What you need:

  1. Flameless tealights
  2. Paraffin wax
  3. One colored wax
  4. Balloons

Take one balloon, place it around the head of the faucet and gradually fill it up with water. How much water you put in your balloon depends on how high the wax can go. If the hot wax goes over the water line, the balloon will explode. If you are happy with the amount of water, get it from the faucet and tie a knot.

diy balloon luminaries
Step 1:Fill the balloon with water.

Fill half of the pot with water and place another pot on top of it. Then, heat it up. Once it boils, place the paraffin wax and colored wax. Get the thermometer and wait until the wax gets 180 degrees. If the pot is not deep enough, you may transfer it to another one.

diy balloon luminaries
Step 2:Melt the wax over boiling water.

Take the balloon and carefully dip it into the hot wax. Lift it up and wait for it to dry before dipping it back.

diy balloon luminaries
Step 3:Dip the balloon into the hot wax.

You will keep dipping the balloon until you have reached the desired thickness of the luminarinary. It may take a few minutes to achieve it.

diy balloon luminaries
Step 4:Keep dipping the balloon until the desired thickness is achieved.

If you are satisfied, carefully place the balloon on the parchment paper to flatten the bottom. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.

diy balloon luminaries
Step 5:If you’re satisfied, let the balloon sit for a few minutes on a parchment paper.

If everything is dry, stick the balloon with skewer to drain the water.

diy balloon luminaries
Step 6:Stick the balloon with skewer to drain the water.

Lastly, place a flameless tealight in the luminary. And you are done! The coolest candle project ever!

diy balloon luminaries
Step 7:Place the flameless tealight and enjoy its glow.

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DIY ballon luminaries

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