DIY Ombre Glittered Vase: Add Different Shades of Spark

by Carla in — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ombre Glittered vase diy

Glittered vases are wonderful centerpieces that you can easily create with just a few materials. They create a spark that seems to captivate you and your guests. Add more shades of spark to your wedding cake with this ombre glittered vase that you can make in less than 5 minutes.

What you need:

  1. Glass container
  2. Elmer’s glue mixed with water
  3. Different shades of glitter
  4. Brush

In this project, you need to have clear glitter which serves as the base color of the vase.

Start by dipping the brush into the glue-water solution and apply on the glass container. Top to bottom and all the way around. It is much better if you work on sections. Add the clear glitter on area where you apply the glue. Give the container a tap so the excess glitter will fall. Continue working around the container. Then, let it dry.

diy ombre glittered vase
Step 1:Apply glue-water mixture on the glass and add clear glitter. Let it dry.

Once dry, we will start the ombre effect. Again, dip the brush on the glue and work halfway the container. Add one shade of glitter. Repeat until halfway of the container is completely covered with colored glitter. Bear in mind to give the container a tap to remove the excess glitter. Then, let it dry.

diy ombre glittered vase
Step 2:Apply glue-water halfway of the glass and add light-colored glitter. Let it dry.

For the last glitter touch, apply glue halfway the colored glitter. Add another colored glitter. It is much better if the last color is a bit darker than the second one. Again, work around the container and let it dry.

diy ombre glittered vase
Step 3:Apply glue-water on glass and add the dark-colored glitter. Let it dry.

And you are done! Create more ombre glittered vases as they are beautiful centerpieces. You can put tealight, flowers or anything you want that goes well with your theme.

diy ombre glittered vase
Step 4:Add flowers, tealights or anything you desire.

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diy ombre glittered vase

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