DIY Men’s Wedding Boutonniere: A Floral Ornament Guys Can Wear

by Carla in — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

mens wedding boutonniere diyBoutonniere is a beautiful flower arrangement for men at weddings. It is inexpensive and quick to make perfect for those who want don’t want to spend much. You don’t have to be a florist to create this project which means anyone can do this. If you are ready, then read on for instructions.

What you need:

  1. E-6000 super glue
  2. Pin backs
  3. Jewelry pieces
  4. Ribbon (about 2 yards)
  5. Glue gun and glue sticks
  6. Fake or real flowers

Using wire cutters or scissors, cut about 4 inches below the flower. Cut also a big leaf.

DIY Mens Wedding Boutonniere
Step 1:Cut 4 inches below the flower.

Apply hot glue on the leaf and place it on the flower vertically.

DIY Mens Wedding Boutonniere
Step 2:Glue a leaf on the flower.

Apply hot glue at the back of the flower and place the other end of the ribbon. Apply more hot glue all the way down the stem and wrap the ribbon. Once you reached the end of the stem, work your way up. Put glue to keep your ribbon secure. Cut the excess ribbon and tie both ends creating a knot.

DIY Mens Wedding Boutonniere
Step 3:Wrap the ribbon around the stem two times. Use glue to secure it.

Make a bow using loops. Once finished, tie a ribbon on the middle and tie a knot. Cut off the excess ribbon. Adhere it on the base of the flower.

DIY Mens Wedding Boutonniere
Step 4:Create a bow using a few loops and stick it below the flower.

Choose the jewelry pieces you like to add on the boutonniere. Use E-6000 to secure them in place. Also, glue the pin back behind the boutonniere.

DIY Mens Wedding Boutonniere
Step 5:Glue the jewelry pieces and pin back on the boutonniere.

And you are done! Remarkable DIY men’s boutonniere for a just a few dollars.

DIY Mens Wedding Boutonniere
Step 6:Carefully place the boutonniere on men’s wear.

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DIY Men’s Wedding Boutonniere

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