DIY Chandelier Centerpiece

by Niki in , — Updated March 6, 2020 — Reading Time: < 1

DIY Chandelier Centerpiece 3

Crystal chandeliers as centerpieces look beautiful especially when you see how it transforms an average hall into something elegant. But they can also be costly. I had to really pull out my negotiating skills (which I didn’t know I had) to make sure we actually have them at our wedding. But if you’re creative and have the time, then you can definitely add it to your DIY project. I found this great tutorial by Hey Gorgeous on how to make them and I have to admit, I had a “why didn’t I think of that” moment when I saw it. While this tutorial didn’t exactly use crystals, the idea is all the same. And of course, this DIY project isn’t just limited to weddings. They can definitely be used for other events such as bridal showers, birthdays or baby showers.

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  1. very bright and beautiful idea for the bride on a strict budget


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