Decorate your Reception with Hanging Flower Balls [5-Step DIY Project]

by Carla in — Updated February 6, 2020 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

diy hanging-flower ball


Hanging flower balls or cylinders are great centerpiece or decor for your big day. Regardless of the flower you choose, these pomanders will come out glamorous. Instead of buying for your wedding, create your own which will take you less than an hour. You only need:

  1. Flowers of your choice
  2. Ribbon
  3. Scissors
  4. Floral pins
  5. Wet foam or Styrofoam

If you are ready, then let’s start.

First, we have to get wet foam very wet. Pour cold water into the foam until it gets dark green. This is for flowers to stay longer on the foam. You can also use Styrofoam. It would be better if the foam or Styrofoam are already shaped as cylinder or ball.

diy hanging flower ball
Step 1: Get the foam wet by pouring water into it.

Next, get the ribbon. Measure the length of the ribbon depending on how long you want it to be. Cut the ribbon. Tie the both ends into a knot and put it at the bottom of the foam. After that, prepare the floral pins. Use these pins to secure the ribbon into the foam. Start at the bottom, then go around it.

diy hanging flower ball
Step 2: Using floral pins, secure the ribbon around the foam.

Then, get the flowers. From the head, cut the flowers about an inch at an angle. This is for the flowers to easily seep the water from the foam. Cut many flowers as you can.

diy hanging flower ball
Step 3: Trim the flowers from their stems.

Poke the flowers into the foam and make sure it is entirely covered. You can also have a ball of sunflowers as great decors. Pink carnation is also a wonderful flower choice. Bear in mind that the flowers must match the chosen wedding colors.

diy hanging flower ball
Step 4:One by one poke the flowers into the foam.

And voila! You have hanging flower balls to welcome your beloved guests.

diy hanging flower ball
Step 5: Finally, hang the flower balls to the desired locations.

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