Country Blue Wedding Palette

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While recent trending wedding colors have been shades of mustard and gray, gold and pink and purple, something has to be said for a pure, country blue. This is a beautiful color and it works well with a variety of accent colors. If you love the thoughts of country blue as your wedding color, take a look at these ideas and gain some inspiration.

Country blue paired with a pale teal and periwinkle is absolutely beautiful. This palette works so well together because each color is light and muted, for a fresh look that isn’t overpowering in any way.

Country Blue and Periwinkle Wedding Colors
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This country blue is paired with a spring green color that is unbelievably fresh and stunning. Beautiful light green bridesmaids’ dresses compliment the bride’s ivory dress and the overall look is very spring-like.

Country Blue and Spring Green Wedding Colors
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For something a little more vibrant, this palette pairs country blue with vivid yellow, turquoise and green. The jewel colors go so well together, and the result is a splash of colors that delights the senses.

Blue, Yellow, Green and Turquoise Wedding Colors
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Here, different shades of blue are used that give this wedding color palette a very vintage feel. Dark, regal blues perfectly contrast with the lighter country blue colors and the cake brings all of those colors together.

Shades of Blue Vintage Wedding Colors
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This fresh, frosty look is obtained by combining country blue with gray, baby blue and silver. A brooch bouquet adds a little bling to the look and muted tones keep this palette pleasing to the eye.

Frosty Blue and Grey Wedding Colors
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Use these ideas to help you determine how to incorporate country blue into your wedding palette.

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