Content Usage Guidelines

We’re happy that you think our content is awesome enough to share or use on your website!  Here are the ground rules for sharing and republishing our content.

What Content Can You Use? And How To Use It?

  1. Feel free to share any of our content by email and social media. We’ll love you for it!
  2. Feel free to republish in full any images (such as charts, graphs, cartoons, infographics) or videos by copying or embedding them and including them in your content, as long as you honor the content attribution policy below.
  3. Feel free to reference or quote up to 75 words of any of our text content (facts, figures, quotes, etc.) in your own blog articles, presentations, documents, etc. as long as you honor the content attribution policy below.
  4. Unfortunately, we can’t let you republish in full any of our text-based content (blog articles, PDFs, PPTs, DOCs) on the web. Why? Well, duplicate content is just bad for SEO, and Google will hate us for it (and since they send us a lot of visitors, we like to keep them happy).
  5. You cannot make money off of our content. We gave it to you for free, so you need to keep it free by passing it along.
  6. You cannot claim our content as your original ideas (i.e. using our content and publishing it on a channel as your own). We love that you want to share it, but please just share the original link instead. Thank you!

Content Attribution Policy

  • Attribute InspiredBride as the source.
  • Link to the original InspiredBride source page you’re referencing:
    • For references to a InspiredBride blog article, link to the permalink of the specific blog article you’re referencing.
    • For references to InspiredBride downloadable content offers behind a form, please link to the landing page with the form for that individual offer.

Thanks for the content love. We appreciate it!

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