Styled Shoot – Breast Cancer Awareness

by Chie in — Updated November 30, 2019 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

Coates_None_Kishana_Highgate_Photography_KishanaHighgatePhotography37_lowBefore we end October, the Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would like to share this album to brides, future-brides, & everyday women who are burdened with the said illness. One in eight women in the country will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime* but Kishana Highgate Photography came up with a lovely arrangement that is meant to encourage women and tell them that they have the handle over their dreams and having breast cancer should not hinder them from having a beautiful wedding. This shoot’s model is a breast cancer survivor herself and she still looks radiant and lovely.

We wish that this simple post can give women hope that one of their biggest dreams is still very possible.

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Photographer:  Kishana Highgate Photography
Design and Decor:  Adorned Events
Dress Store:  Cherie Amour
Location:  Country Club at Woodmore
Design and Decor:  Creative Table Tops
Paper Props:  Fingers In Ink
Beauty:  Inner Diva by Reva
Floral Designer:  Pétales & Pretties
Cake Designer:  Shugapy’s
Other Location:  Tidal Basin
Model:  Vonetta Coates

* National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

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