Bonnie & Ian – A Cajun and Southern Charm

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Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture9032_lowA person cooking for a big number of guests is not unusual, but a bride cooking everything for her reception, now that’s noteworthy. Planning a wedding, even if you have a event planner, is already a piece of work for the couple, so knowing that our bride, Bonnie, also cooked the reception food herself is really awe-inspiring. It is indeed an grueling task since food cannot be prepared months before but hours preceding the event. But sometimes being grateful to the people you treasure makes everything worth it. So in return, they were blessed with a wedding that looks absolutely beautiful and charming. Congratulations Bonnie & Ian!

collage3 Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture212_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture6555_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture6705_lowWhat do you think is the overall story for this album?

Bonnie and Ian put their personal touches on this beautiful day. This wedding was filling with laughter, singing, and music from start to finish. Whether it was a gospel choir welcoming the guests to the ceremony location, the Cajun band playing during the Reception, or the children laughing while playing tag on the lawn. Visually the wedding was beautiful. The couple asked their guests to wear all white. The guests turned into part of the decor itself and helped to create a bright and cheerful feel to the day. Bonnie and Ian were so involved in the day that Bonnie even had to make dinner for her guests the night before the wedding. I was so happy to be a part of their big day.

collage5 Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture6959_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture7093_low collage1What inspired the wedding day outfits?

The entire wedding was a sea of white. All of the guests were asked to wore white, and lo and behold they all did. This seemed to bring the whole wedding together as even the guests were part of the decorations. Bonnie added own touches of Cajun charm with a lovely lace dress. Her flowers had cotton balls attached for some added southern charm. He wore a khaki colored suit.

Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture9211_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture7668_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture23_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture6811_lowWhat was your favorite part of the day?

The dinner was by far my favorite part. The food was cooked by the bride herself. And in the back ground the hired cajun band was playing really fun music. The dinner was outside in the orchard and had a 200′ long u shaped table. After dinner the couple did their first dance through the rose petals sprinkled between the two sides of the table.

Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture8669_low Vidrine_Isbell_Crozier_Photography_uwhorticulture8718_low collage7Was there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

The bride cooked up her own jambalaya, beans, and rice for dinner. There were hand painted mugs, tiny bottles of tabasco with ribbon around them. There were hand painted signs lining the path to the ceremony site.

collage2 collage4 collage6What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

The ceremony was about a 10 minute walk from the reception site. They hired pedi cabs to help the elderly, but a majority of the guests walked the distance in a long line to the ceremony. They were greeted by a gospel choir and white blankets laid out on the grass overlooking lake Washington.

Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

Cajun, outdoor, white. This wedding a very southern feel to it, while still being laid back and casual.


Photographer:  Crozier Photography
Event Planner:  Planning Savvy
Other:  Seattle Pedicab
Reception Venue:  UW Botanic Gardens

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