The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding Day

by Niki in — Updated March 28, 2024 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

It used to be that brides and grooms considered rain on their wedding day to be a bad omen. These days, couples aren’t as superstitious as they used to be, and a rainy wedding day offers up some unique opportunities. Check out these benefits of a rainy wedding day!

Rain Boots

Go for a rainbow effect, color-coordinated or matching rain boots.

The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding DayInstead of high heels, purchase rain boots in your wedding colors for yourself and your bridesmaids.

The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding Day

These are adorable when paired with a dress and make for an excellent photograph.

The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding Day


These can be purchased in advance for brides who are planning their weddings in the rainy season of the year. If you need help to decide what season to get married, we’ve got a guide for you!.


Umbrellas just have an elegant quality to them. A rainy wedding gives you a unique opportunity to include umbrellas in your ceremony (if it’s outdoors) and in your wedding photos.

The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding Day

Umbrellas in clear can be stunning, as well as those in full color.

The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding Day

They look fantastic in photos with the bride and groom as well!

The Benefits of a Rainy Wedding Day

It’s best to purchase umbrellas ahead of time in the colors you want, since it’s impossible to predict rain as far in advance as your wedding day!

In addition to the fabulous photo opportunities, there are a few other benefits to a rainy wedding day. During the spring and summer, for those having an outdoor ceremony, rain cools the day and prevents your guests from getting too warm. If it should happen to rain on your wedding day, embrace it and make the best!

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