Almond Blossom Romance

by Chelsea in — Updated April 14, 2021 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

The pandemic may have sent the wedding industry into a slump but it hasn’t been successful in doing one thing – that’s to take away people’s love for meaningful celebrations. No matter how strict the regulations have become, wedding suppliers choose to either postpone or let couples celebrate intimately. Take for example this set of vendors who gave a couple a lovely reason to dress up after their wedding got canceled due to Covid-19. It was important for them to create something symbolic in these crucial times. And guess what, they did it excellently. Having been shot in beautiful almond groves, this photoshoot was aesthetically memorable. It only proved that weddings can still be beautiful even though more intimate than planned. Check out the details of this beautiful almond blossom romance from the planner herself, Tara Chapman of We Do Unique Weddings below!

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All About The Details

We included elements such as a love letter for the groom to read to his bride,  a beautiful pink tulle dress for her to wear from a local designer and our lovely groom even asked her to marry him again! The best part was this was all a surprise for them since they had no idea what I meant when I asked them to be a part of this shoot. Our groom went from shy reluctance to exuberant hugs and even romantically asking her to dance with him amongst the blossom to our musicians. Yes, we even hiked an upright piano into the almond grove to accompany Quike, our violinist, while they played Bach Sonatas.  It truly felt like the most magical day hidden away on a mountain top amongst the almond blossom far away from the stress of a pandemic! – Tara Chapman, We Do Unique Weddings

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Associated Vendors

Venue: Private Residence
Event Planner: We Do Unique Weddings
Photographer: Kat Marcum Photography
Film: Jeremy Standley Photo & Video
Stylist: Pedro Navarro
MUAH: Elena S. Polo
Dress: Paula Del Vas Costura
Suit: Santos & Eva Novios
Stationery: Loveratory
Hair Accessories: INDIA Studio
Violin: Quike Navarro
Piano: Antonio

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