A Belle Bouquet: Dried Botanical Pieces from Faye Marie

by Niki in — Updated November 19, 2019 — Reading Time: < 1

A Belle Bouquet: Dried Botanical Pieces from Faye Marie 2

I hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend!

Today I’m sharing a great little Etsy shop I found called Faye Marie. Combining two of my favorite things, lavender and craspedia, the shop creates dried bouquets and boutonnieres that are botanical works of art. How stunning is the craspedia when it’s paired with the fluffy white cotton? The assortment of textures makes for an adorable arrangement. On the other hand, if I was a bride or bridesmaid carrying the lavender bouquet, I’d probably have my face stuck in it for the entire day – maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but well, it’s the truth. What do you think?

Peruse Faye Marie for more designs and details.

Images by Faye Marie.

14 thoughts on “A Belle Bouquet: Dried Botanical Pieces from Faye Marie”

  1. I absolutely love lavender too! Perfect for a Provençal themed wedding!

  2. What are those yellow flowers called? I want them for my wedding. I have a blue and yellow theme going on and this would be perfect!

  3. I love these! What makes them even greater is that you don’t have to worry about your flowers dying!

  4. oooh…a new take on bouquets and boutonnieres. Love the look. Dried arrangements on the tables would complete this look. Great for fall!

  5. I am always in awe of inventive bridal bouquets and these ones are definitely inspiring. The simple rustic quality of the way they are arranged are absolutely beautiful.

    Alessandra from Idojour.com

  6. To begin with,I love lavender’s smell and I love how it looks. And this amazing bouquet with cotton…I don’t have enough words to describe the feeling. So delicate,so pure,so simple,so touching…I did not stay indifferent!


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