5 Fun Themed Wedding Cakes

by Niki in , — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’re not sure what kind of wedding theme you want to feature in your wedding, some special cakes might help you decide! Check out these fun themed wedding cakes to see if they inspire you to create the perfect themed wedding.

The Scrabble Cake

This fun scrabble cake is a great idea for a writer or a board game theme. The larger letter at the top can stand for your last name. You can also choose different board game themes for your wedding, like monopoly, life, etc.

Scabble Theme Wedding Cake
Photo Source: pinkcakebox.com

The Beach Cake

This beautiful cake looks just like a sandy beach full of seashells. Use this for your tropical-themed wedding or for your beach wedding. You can also think about other areas that might work as themes, like the rainforest or a tropical island.

Beach Wedding Cake

The Fall Themed Wedding Cake

If you can’t think of another wedding cake, why not go for a seasonal theme? This beautiful fall themed wedding cake is elegant and charming, and screams fall.

Fall Theme Wedding Cake
Photo Source: weddings-paradise.com

The Lace Themed Wedding Cake

This elegantly-designed wedding cake is perfect for a vintage-themed wedding, a black and white wedding, and even a flapper-era wedding. It could work for several different themes!

Lace Wedding Cake
Photo Source: boards.weddingbee.com

Country Themed Wedding Cake

This country-themed cake is gorgeous and very charming. If you’re from a small town, this would work perfectly. It would work perfectly for a barn wedding, a farm wedding or a similar theme.

Country Wedding Cake
Photo Source: weddingzidea.com

These beautiful cakes can serve as inspiration for your wedding, and may give you some great ideas for your own cake.

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  1. How funny! We occasionally use Scrabble letters in our wedding photography so that cake cracked me up. I really like the beach cake made to look like a sand castle…I wonder if anyone has had one of those at an actual beach wedding?!


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