4 Romantic, England-Inspired Wedding Dresses

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If you’re a sucker for the soft and romantic wedding attire in England (think low-key lace dresses and aristocracy-inspired clothing) then this is the post for you. These dress designers have skipped the huge, ball gown skirt and Cinderella-style dresses in favor of subtle but incredibly beautiful designs and rich textures. Check out these 4 romantic, England-inspired wedding dresses.

A Lace Beauty

This fantastic dress features ¾” sleeves and a subtle neckline. The romantic lace fabric is traditional yet stylish, and the dress has a little pop of color with the sage green waist sash. This bride has finished her look with an elegant head band.

Lace Wedding Dress
Photo Source: charlenemorton.co.uk

Sleeveless and Cascading

Another very subtle dress, this one is sleeveless and created from tons of sheer fabric. The bodice fits closely and drapes elegantly to the ground for a pretty, lengthening effect.

Sleeveless and Cascading Wedding Dress
Photo Source: chillweddings.com

Long and Flowing

This beautiful 40’s style wedding dress features short sleeves that end above the elbow, embellished with just a bit of subtle lace. The dress itself is satin and it features an empire-like waist with a simple skirt that is long and flowing.

Long, Light and Flowing Wedding Dress
Photo Source: circabrides.com


This beautifully romantic wedding dress is also created from a lovely lace fabric, but this one has a higher lace neckline with no sleeves. It is very traditional in appearance and has a matching blush sash across the waist.

Romantic Vintage Lace Dress

These are just a few of the dress choices you have if you’re planning a more England-inspired look. Pair any of these styles with a chignon or other classic hairstyle and a beautiful headband and you’ll be absolutely smashing!

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