Joelle & Michael – A Lesson in Love

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School and summer are two different words specially for those in the academic world, but highschool teachers Joelle & Michael had the chance to prove that in the right context, this combination actually works and is not completely contradictory. Having no other choice but to marry in the summer due to their jobs, our couple decided to make the event as lively as the season by using yellow as their color motif. At the same time, they wanted to toss in some details showing their passion in life which is teaching, so what better way but to hire a big yellow school bus! With love as strong as Joelle & Michael’s, their amazing wedding is only a continuation of their much more amazing relationship. Congratulations to both of you!

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Anna & Jeff – Beautiful Brights

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Blue and yellow are two happy colors that Anna and Jeff chose to mix together for their wedding color palette. Don’t you just love how yellow instantly brightens up your day? And how the color blue makes everything look calm and cool to the eyes? Such a perfect combination — just like Anna and Jeff.

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Styled Shoot – A Farmer’s Daughter

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This styled shoot will surely capture your fancy. A perfect example of taking an ordinary concept to an extraordinary level. Who would have thought a simple farmer’s daughter theme could actually look like a high end fashion icon?

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Real Wedding: Hot Pink Summer Wedding with DIY Touches

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Wedding Photography: Gown and Shoes

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! Where did our warm weather go? Fall is beginning, the leaves are turning, and the air is crisp and cool around here. Everyone is digging out their warmer clothes and getting that winter coat ready. But, no matter where we go, what we continually hear is how […]

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