The Dirtiest Four Letter Word of them All… RAIN!! – Part 1

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So, in the wedding word, we have our own very special and very dangerous 4 letter word: RAIN!!!! Alanis Morisette even sang about how ironic rain is on your wedding day. And I know so many brides that live in the fantasyland of “It can’t happen to me. It can’t happen to me.” I hate to break it to you. It can. You can pray and beg and think good thoughts all day long, but the reality is this, there are lots of wedding days where it rains. So it’s pretty important to be thinking about rain when you are planning your wedding day to make sure that if it does rain on your wedding day, you are covered.

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Why You Should Meet your Photographer Before Booking Them


Today, we are so heavily reliant on the internet and among all of the things we use the internet for, it is becoming very common for couples to book their wedding photographers via internet as well. As a wedding photographer myself, I am here to tell you why it is not the best option, and why meeting a photographer in person is so important in order to know if they are the right photographer for you!

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