Kavya’s Bachelorette Party

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It’s not everyday we feature a bridal shower here in Inspired Bride, so when we do, we make sure that it’s a fun one! So we won’t hesitate to show you Kavya’s ‘The Bachelorette’ themed bridal shower held in Las Vegas. Every single girls invited in this event sure looked […]

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Bridal Shower – Boundless Beauties

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What is a bachelorette party without having the time of your life with the best girlfriends in the world? 13 of them actually! Brittany and her thirteen closest friends packed up for a weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods near Charlottesville.

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How to Get the Bachelorette Party You Really Want

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Bachelorette Party

Typically, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids throw the bachelorette party as a special “surprise” for the bride. However, if you’re worried that they might plan something you’re just not into, there are some things you can do about it. Set Boundaries If strippers and alcohol just aren’t your […]

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Wedding Gown Necklace Daughter Gift

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Do you want a beautiful and very meaningful gift to pass on to your future little girl? This wedding gown necklace is absolutely charming and has a ton of meaning that your daughter will love as she gets older and on her own wedding day! (You may want to make […]

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