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Hello, everyone!

If you’re reading this is in Google Reader or some other feed manager, you’re probably slightly overwhelmed by the amount of new stuff from us in your “unread” tab – but you’re only seeing half of it. For those of you reading on our website, you are witnessing our long spoken of relaunch of the Inspired Bride. It took a long time (and lots of stress and PHP battling on my part) but I think it was worth it! I’d like to send a particular shout out to Emilie Friday for the fantastic calligraphy that is now our new logo. I hope you all take the time to explore all the new things the site has to offer, and enjoy them as they continue to grow as the blog does!

What’s new? We’re bringing back inspiration boards, color palettes, and DIY projects as part of our regularly scheduled content. I’ll be honest – with as much time as I had to spend with my own wedding planning, I frankly couldn’t dedicate the time to it. They’ve all got their own new formats now – of particular note is our new DIY photo style that my Photoshop-savvy husband styled with my direction. Our vendor directory, the List, has launched as well. Though it’s a little empty right now, it’s got a decent wealth of information to start and I will be filling it out as the weeks go on. If you’ve got a suggestion for a vendor that would be a good fit for the directory, please feel free to visit our contact page to submit their name and URL. For the designer or DIY bride, we’re also launching a directory of design elements that are free to use for non-commercial purposes. We’re also introducing a new weekly feature on Saturdays starting this weekend called “Buy It Yourself”. This article will feature great handmade items to give your wedding a touch of the unique if you don’t have the time to invest in it yourself. Last, but certainly not least, our planning tools now have their own home and you’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

Thanks for bearing with me while posting has been a little off and on lately (not to mention some serious server issues on my host’s part), but I hope you’ll enjoy where we’re going in the future.

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