The Complementary Couple

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Complementary – def. combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another.

It’s one thing to say you and your partner match and although that’s a good thing, it’s also somewhat necessary to be complementary with your beau. You don’t need to have tons of similarities but what matters is that your differences, when put together, creates this one amazing persona that you both unconditionally love. And that’s what I saw when I chanced upon this two’s engagement album and read a few tidbits of their life as a couple. It also helped that they’re actually wearing outfits in one of the most famous complementary colors – blue and yellow! Congratulations Maureen & Jonathan!

G_D_Gage_Blake_Photography_wwwgageblakephotographycomtoledoohioseniorphotographer2_lowHow you met:

Her words: Jon and I were both on the cross country team at the University of Toledo together. We were friends for almost 2 years before we started dating. It took us a while to get the timing right.

His words: Maureen and I had met on the cross country team at the University of Toledo. I was a freshman with a science major and she was a sophomore in the sciences too, so naturally we bonded over our difficult classes. It took two years of being close friends, but the timing eventually lined up and we started dating.

How he proposed:

Her words: We had looked at rings in December and our 2 year anniversary was on valentine’s day so I thought it was coming. We went out to dinner on our valentine’s date (February 15). During dinner Jon says “I have been doing a lot of thinking and we should take our relationship to the next level” I think he is going to propose but instead he hands me his apartment key. I was disappointed. After dinner, we stop at his apartment and he gives me these hot pink knee high compression socks (a runner’s thing). I put them on with my fancy dress because they are a rather expensive gift. Jon then takes me home and I’m about to go inside and he says “hey wait.” I turn around and he is down on one knee. I of course still have the hot pink compression socks on. Everybody should get engaged in hot pink socks

His words: We had looked at rings in December and our 2 year anniversary was on valentine’s day. We went out to dinner on our valentine’s date (February 15). During dinner I said “I have been doing a lot of thinking and we should take our relationship to the next level” so naturally I handed her a copy of my apartment key, to throw her off the scent. It worked, but naturally she has to know what is going on. My original plan was to ask her on a running trail that overlooks a small river while we were running the next day. Well little did she know I had told the entire thing to her best friend Lisa Prala. At the dinner table, after I hand her the key, she texts Lisa and guesses the whole thing. Lisa texts me and I want it to be a surprise, so after I give her these hot pink socks, I
asked her to turn around and I proposed on the front step in front of her parents’ house.

If you can give a sneak peek about the wedding details what one thing would you give?

Her words: We are getting married the Saturday after Christmas so look for some Christmas touches, including red bridesmaid’s dresses.

His words: The cake is going to be amazing and slightly different than the traditional cake.

What is the most important thing you have to have for your wedding?

Her words: My dress (and my groom of course)

His words: My pre-wedding run with some of my good friends and teammates, to get rid of the jitters and I have to keep that marathon training up, my dear friends and family, and last but certainly not least my bride.



 Photographer:  Gage Blake Photography
Event Venue:  Wildwood Metropark

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