Sponsored Giveaway: Win $150 from Williams-Sonoma!

by Niki in — Updated February 9, 2020 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today I’m excited to announce a giveaway from one of my favorite stores to spend an hour in, Williams-Sonoma. They’ve generously offered one lucky reader a $150 gift certificate to shop their store for the item (or items!) you’re most lusting after.

If it were me, you can bet that gift certificate would be gone in minutes! I’ve compiled together a list of my top items under $150 that I’d be putting the prize towards. Hopefully, it will give you some great ideas for your own registry!

Sponsored Giveaway: Win $150 from Williams-Sonoma! 2

BREVILLE PANINI PRESS: Paninis are awesome, and a great press should be a staple in every house. Enough said!

OXO ROLLING HERB MINCER: You expected me to stick lots of heavy duty electrics on this list and are rather surprised to see a gadget on here instead, right? Well, this mincer is something I’m currently coveting. I’ve been to a total of three free weekend demos at Williams Sonoma, and they use this tool every time – it’s amazing (skeptics, try it out yourself)! It cuts down fresh herbs in seconds rather than having to finely chop it all with a knife, and for someone who cooks frequently, that’s time you could be saving doing something else. Plus, it just looks like a lot of fun to use in general.

PILLIVUYT PORCELAIN CAKE STAND: A gorgeous, classic white cake stand is great for presentation and will never go out of style. I don’t just use mine for cakes – I’ve used them for the base of centerpieces, and I’ve put other serving plates on top of it to add elevation to the dinner table.

KITCHENAID 5-SPEED BLENDER IN BRUSHED NICKEL: KitchenAid is the maker of a lot of my personal appliances. To say I love them is an understatement, and the L-word is one I try to avoid using on this blog so that it doesn’t lose its impact. The quality is great, it’s easy to use. If they need to be left out because you’ve bought too many things for your kitchen like I have (you can buy too many things?!), they’re well designed look great on the counter. I’m in desperate need of a blender, and I’ve got my eyes on this one. Brushed metal never goes out of style, so it’ll look great for as long as it will last me.

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS CUISINE 8” CHEF’S KNIFE: My Henckels knives were the best thing I put on my registry, to be totally honest. Prior to these knives, I’d only used my mother’s “haven’t been sharpened since they were purchased 20 years ago” knives and some not-so-great college era Ikea ones. Once slice with the Henckels, and suddenly the light bulb went off. Needless to say, I won’t be looking back.

TIBOS ELECTRIC CREPE MAKER: The hubby and I love brunch, so when I wish I thought a little more strategically when I was registering and bought a crepe maker. Of course, we could also use it for dinner or dessert crepes (Nutella and strawberries crepes sound really good about now). It also looks like one of the most fun electrics to use because really, who hasn’t thought it would be fun to use the little spreader (apparently called a rabot!).

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Now for the good part: how you can enter to win. Register with Williams-Sonoma if you haven’t already. Leave a comment letting us know that you’ve registered, and tell us all about your favorite item you’ve added to your list.

If you’re already registered with Williams-Sonoma, great! Add another item to your registry to enter, and let us know about what you added and why in the comments.

I’ll be choosing a winner at random on September 1st at noon Central Time. Get in before then to be eligible, and good luck!

Images from Williams-Sonoma.

36 thoughts on “Sponsored Giveaway: Win $150 from Williams-Sonoma!”

  1. the le creuset dutch oven has got to be my favorite item. i have a very large one i use for lots of guests, but a smaller one for just the two of us will definitely get some use in our house. i love to cook soup, stews, and braised meats in it. yum!

  2. I created a registry and added a Vitamix to it. I’ve wanted one for awhile now and have been waiting for the day I get one!

  3. Registering at William Sonoma was one of the first things I did after I was engaged! I just LOVE all of their kitchen cookware, china sets and utensils! The first thing I added, that I LOVE, is the Le Crueset dutch oven in cobalt blue. What I just added that I really hope we get is the panini maker. My aunt has one and those paninis are TO DIE for!

  4. I love everything we added but I’m most excited about my measuring cups! I desperately need news ones. As a couple we are really excited about the cutting block. My FI is also really excited about one of the cookbooks.

  5. I’ve been registered at Williams-Sonoma but I just added a Chef’n Citrus Juicer. I hope we get it because everyone needs a juicer!

  6. I absolutely love Williams-Sonoma! I could spend hours there. I registered there when we first got engaged, but just added the Soda Stream Penguin Water Carbonator. I love soda water, and this little guy is too cute!

  7. I just created a registry and among all the things I added, my favorite would be the Tibos Electric Crepe Maker! I love making savory and sweet crepes so this would make my life much easier!

  8. Huge fan of Williams-Sonoma! I added a 10 piece glass bowl set. I always run out of mixing bowls when I’m cooking! I also registered for the 8-piece multicolor ceramic bowl set, which I think is beautiful!!

  9. I just registered and I have wanted for a long time the xox salad mixer. But that’s just the beginning of what I want there

  10. I registered for Star Wars™ Cookie Cutters . . . my husband totally wants them!!

  11. Just registered and the first thing is the Shun 8 piece block set. I know my fiancé has been pining after them for years!

  12. I just registered. Shun knives and a mandoline!

  13. My fiance and I registered quite a while ago, but haven’t added anything until today. My favorite thing is the Salter Red Kitchen Timer (item 1967454). It’s only $19.95, but you have no idea how badly we need this. The timer on our stove is horrible and nothing else seems to work. I need this one! 🙂

  14. I registered earlier today, but I just added the Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast 4-Cup Mini-Prep because I want to make homemade salsa! mmm yumm!

  15. we aren’t getting married for a bit yet but that doesn’t mean we haven’t created a registry at our beloved williams-sonoma! we have to — there are no stores here! i went back and added another product: a marble pastry board (and also the marble rolling pin). will be a boon in my always steamy baking kitchen!



  16. my favorite are the measuring cups – i need new ones!

  17. I just added the Apilco Hare Casserole dish. Yes…I just added a casserole with a bunny lid. On Easter, it will match the cake I make with the bunny cake pan I bought at WS a few years back!

  18. I registered and added an electric tea kettle!

  19. I created a registry and have begun adding the little things that I really want for our kitchen, like the birch steak knives (because we love to invite people over for steaks on the grill but have terrible steak knives) and the stainless steal triple timer (because I rarely have just ONE THING going in the kitchen).

  20. We love our Williams Sonoma registry! They have so many useful tools! I’ve just added the Chef’n Strawberry Huller – very useful tool for speeding up the strawberry cleaning!

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much!

  21. We just added the amazing and wonderful Mauviel M365 Copper 7-Piece Set! It’s the perfect set of pots and pans and unbevielably beautiful

  22. I just registered for the Hemstitched Linen Napkins. I love natural fabrics! Just beautiful.

  23. I just made my registry!

    I like the big cupcake mold! YUM!

  24. I secretly stalk Ina Garten and hope one day my kitchen will look as lovely as hers. I recently added the cake stand in your post because it’s chic, simple and well-crafted. It’ll hopefully come in use when I try out all the Barefoot Contessa recipes 🙂

  25. I registered! My favorite item I added is the Molcajete – perfect for grinding spices.

  26. We just registered last night and it was so much fun! I’m dreaming of getting the kitchenaid in that happy yellow color. Thank you!

  27. I added the Cuisinart 12 cup food processor (and many other goodies). This would be so much easier to make salsa in and I have needed one for awhile.

  28. I added the kitchen torch — to make creme brulee (I will suddenly transform into an ambitious cook as a married woman!) and otherwise brown the tops of dishes for that crusty, almost-burnt taste we love!

  29. i just added the Riedel Vinum Mixed Gift Set to my registry. i cant wait to have dinner parties with my new husband 🙂

  30. I added a citrus press to my registry. There are few things I love more than fresh lime and lemon juice!

  31. Just registered! I’m kind of obsessed with their mini muffin pan. So cute!

  32. Although I already had a registry, I added the Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Mini Prep!

  33. We love cooking, grilling & smoking, so I added the Stainless Smoker Box to my registry.

  34. I am registered there and I love all their calphalon pans and their dutch ovens! I love to cook and can’t wait to use my new kitchen items to cook for my fiance!!! 🙂

    Libby Britton

  35. I’m crossing my fingers that I every one of the All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel pots and pans I registered for-they are a beauty and we are in desparate need of a pot/pan make-over in our kitchen!

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