Giveaway: $100 to Bake It Pretty!

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Giveaway: $100 to Bake It Pretty! 4

Giveaway: $100 to Bake It Pretty! 6

Today’s giveaway is from another favorite, Bake It Pretty. Amanda’s selection is fantastic, and is the perfect source for any wedding or celebration. From adorable paper straws to a wide variety of perfect baking cups to great party decor, it’s a must visit for any bride. What are your favorite products and how would you incorporate them into your wedding? Let us know in the comments section for a chance to win $100 gift card! The contest closes this Friday at 5pm Central Time. One entry per person; a valid email must be provided in order to contact the winner to arrange prize receipt.

Images from Bake It Pretty.

224 thoughts on “Giveaway: $100 to Bake It Pretty!”

  1. I LOVE Bake It Pretty! I browse their website probably once a week. What a great giveaway!!!

  2. Love the baking cups!

  3. I’m infatuated with the polka dot paper straws but I need the glassine bags.

  4. I would use the retro paper fringe everywhere!!

  5. love love the cupcake cups. polka dots are my fave!

  6. Since we’re having multiple cakes, I can’t possibly afford big toppers for each. I’d love to make some ridiculous scenes on secondary cakes with the mini toppers. I also love the favor bags!

  7. LOVE Bake it Pretty! We are getting married in Oct and the paper straws in mason jars would be AWESOME! I also love some of the unique candy molds too!

    Kim kc4562 at gmail dot com

  8. Love all the cupcake cups!

  9. I love Bake it Pretty! I am going for a summer wedding so the Royal Icing Mini Violets are my favorite.

  10. I’d buy tons of molds. I’ve got several dessert tables on the horizon that would benefit from the chocolate and candy molds, in essence making many brides happy.

  11. I have died and gone to cupcake heaven! Seriously everything they have is so cute! I would have to get colored tags and the baker’s twine (my new love–it has so many uses!).

  12. I was just exploring that site last week. I love the gray and white striped straws!

  13. It’s all so ridiculously cute – it would be hard to pick just one thing! But I have been looking for bakers twine + gel food colouring actually! Perfect timing.

  14. I am in love with all pretty baking goods and wish I could fill my cupboards with cupcake cups!

  15. We’re hand making all of the cupcakes for our upcoming May wedding. I would LOVE to get an assortment of super cute cupcake wrappers (polka dots!), icing kits, and decorations. πŸ™‚

  16. Wow, it’s really hard to decide what I like best on this site! But the miniature suitcases are such a creative way to carry baked goodies. So cute!

  17. I love their baking cups. . .they are so cute and there is a lot of variety. .

  18. I absolutely adore the paper straws! I’, a sucker for all things vintage and striped!

  19. Oh all their stuff is super cute!! The baking cups especially!

  20. Oh, such a hard decision, love the retro fringe, so many uses for it!

  21. There are so many wonderful things to choose from! I think that I would choose some of those beautiful cupcake wrappers. I want to get my special ladies together for a luncheon to discuss wedding stuff. It’d be wonderful to serve them cute little cupcakes wrapped up so pretty! I know they would receive oohs and aaahs for their charm.

  22. My best and I have just taken up baking custom cakes and cupcakes as a hobby… TWO BIRDS BAKE. I would LOVE to feature our yummy concotions in such SCRUMPTIOUS & ADORABLE baking cups!!

  23. I would love to use the Lemon Meringue Bakers Twine, fun colored papered straws, and the cute little polka dot cup cake holders!

  24. i love the stripe straws. i would use them at the bar in my wedding.

  25. I love the cupcake liners and paper straws.. perfect for a party!!

  26. Love the baking cups!

  27. woo! so many options! I’d use the paper straws during the cocktail hour and reception to add a fun punch of color!

  28. Bake it Pretty is my favorite store, I love the baking cups they have, everything is so unique there.

  29. Love Bake it Pretty!
    I would definitely use the paper fringe and the cupcake boxes (as favors)!

  30. The yellow cupcake holders and grey straws would be a spectacular combination. Yellow cupcake holders to use for my favorite vanilla strawberry cupcake and the gray straws to use when I drink my milk!

  31. I design dessert tables for weddings and I love Bake It Pretty. Perfect to add color and style to any dessert spread. Right now I am swooning over the green and blue baroque and morocco cupcake wrappers. Would love to use to highlight some vanilla buttercream cupcakes.

  32. some of the cupcake liners/cups would be perfect for favors/treats! I love love love the straws too.

  33. The paper straws, I would like to incorporate them some how with the place setting cards, super fun.

  34. I was just up by their shop on vacation, but it was closed due to the weather. So I decided to order a handful of things on their website for my upcoming wedding, so this gift card would be perfect!

  35. My favorite things are the theme shops. I love being able to find everything for valentines day in one area. I’d use the little heart sprinkles on cupcakes. πŸ˜€

  36. The pink polka-dot paper straws for sure!!

  37. I’m getting married on 9/24/11 at 413 on Wacouta and I am having a dessert table. I would use my $100 to buy some ribbon, foil candy wrappers and candy, like the bubble gum cigars! πŸ™‚


  38. I’m getting married in September and I would love to use the candy molds to make favors!

  39. I love the baking cups and the bakery boxes. πŸ™‚

  40. I love the baking cups and would definitely use them on my cupcakes for the wedding!! πŸ™‚

  41. I’m the MOH in my best friend’s wedding so I’ll be hosting various showers and lunches and such. I’d be able to put LOTS of stuff from Bake it Pretty to good use, especially since the shower is baking themed.

  42. ohmygosh! I love love love all their stuff! Anything polka dotted would be fabuloussss!

  43. I love the cupcake wrappers but I would definitely love the black foil cupcake display stands as table centerpieces!

  44. My sister is getting married and I’m the wedding planner! She’s all about bright colors so things like the baking cups and straws would be perfect. I’m a big fan of their moustache and button chocolate molds!

  45. I would use the butter mint recipe and some cute candy molds for treats at every table. Love, love, love Bate It Pretty!

  46. The paper straws are so vintage and comforting looking.

  47. I love the new straws and would have them at the bar for guests to use! So fun and festive! Thanks!

  48. Cute baking cups, maybe cookie favours with an appropriate cutter, cute chocolate molds. So many ideas!

  49. I would love to get a $100 to spend at Bakeitpretty!!

  50. I love their polka dotted baking cups! They’d be perfect for a tower of cupcakes!

  51. The mustache molds! Love those! Treats for all my guests and good for pictures too πŸ™‚

  52. Bake It Pretty is full of cute goodness! I absolutely love their sprinkles and baking liners!

  53. I love so much of this!! Polka dots and retro, sprinkles and more sprinkles! What is there not to love!!

  54. oops, I just reread this and I might have to disqualify my post because though I am a bride, I am not a bride to be πŸ™‚ So if this contest was only for brides to be, you can scratch me off πŸ™‚

  55. I am in LOVE with those straws!! The red and blue ones!! Totally screams dessert table with the cupcake wrappers!!!

  56. Oh, those baking cups are so delicious!

  57. I love Bake It Pretty! I think it would be fabulous to get a variety of cupcake accessories and have a few cupcake towers at the reception. The gorgeous cupcake wrappers would be such a hit – not to mention all of the fun decorations!

  58. I love all their sprinkles! Their so fun and colorful looking. They’d be perfect for a decorate-it-yourself cupcake table!

  59. I love everything over at Bake It Pretty! I spend hours on their site sometimes! I think the cupcake towers would make great center pieces for tables, plus those cupcakes would look gorgeous with all their amazing sprinkles and cupcake wrappers!

  60. The baking cups and straws I would totally use for my wedding! LOVE Bake it Pretty!!!

  61. This website is so cute and all the bright colors remind me of my wedding! So many cute things. The cupcake holders would look great on my colorful candy bar. Although it’s not wedding related, the woof woof cupcake kit is my absolute favorite!

  62. So adorable, I would love to bake with this, what a great pay it forward gift it would be with these!

  63. I want their polka dotted baking cups! It?s perfect for my cupcakes!

  64. I’m obsessed with their baking liners/cups – adorable.

  65. I LOVE Bake It Pretty! These have such amazing products! I would have to go with the cupcake wrappers and toppers – can’t get enough of those!

  66. I adore Bake It Pretty! Our wedding is loosely bird themed, so I would definitely get the bird chocolate mold and bright foils in our colors to make favors for the guests.

  67. I would use the cupcake papers for little sweet bites and the straws for grown-up cocktails!

  68. I love, love Bake It Pretty and can find a million things I need there!

  69. I can’t get enough of the red & white stripped straws and the festooning!

  70. I would love to use the straws for our signature drink!

  71. We’re going with cupcakes and those liners are amazing!!! I’d go with the plaid and the folded paper ones…and I’d grab a bunch of crystal sugars to decorate

  72. I would love to use the toppers to dress up plain cupcakes. I love the idea of a dessert buffet and am trying to think of ways to give one a DIY feeling. πŸ™‚

  73. I am a cookie cutter collector! I dont know how many i have…but it has to be close to 1,000!! I need more!! lol

  74. So funny – was just looking at their designer baking cups last week! I would love to get those or the baroque cupcake wrappers. I would need to think on that. I’m totally a cupcake kinda girl over a big wedding cake.

  75. I love Bake It Pretty so much! What a wonderful giveaway!

  76. I love the baking cups, I actually want to give cupcakes on my wedding for dessert. The pearl sprinkles would look really nice on top.

  77. I would love to win and spend prize money on cookie cutters and Cupcake wrappers. Everything is so cute πŸ˜‰

  78. The theme for my bridal shower is “Recipe for Love” – and we’re going to be decorating cupcakes! There are so many fun inspirations on the site – but a definite would be the cute bakery boxes, so that guests can carry their treat home.

  79. I would use the liners to coordinate with my wedding colors.

  80. I love the baking cups, they would be great for favors filled with some candy! I also really love the straws, which would be great for a soda shoppe type bar.

  81. I’d use the gelato cups to serve ice cream!

  82. I would use the different colors of the cheerful polka dots for cupcakes and of course I would have to get some candy beads to fill up some pretty vases next to the cupcakes!

  83. There is so much choice.. how can you pick a favorite. I love everything on the site.

  84. The cupcake liners!! I’ve always been a fan of having cupcakes at weddings instead of a huge, expensive cake. So to have so many classy options to spruce up your cupcakes is amazing!

  85. I love all their cupcake supplies!

  86. I would use the striped straws for the milkand cookies at the end of the night!

    So cute!

  87. I love the scalloped oval lolly molds. They would make the cutest monogrammed chocolate lollipops to have as favors.

  88. I absolutely love the wedding cups and straws and would definitely use these in the hotel bags

  89. I love the vintage button candy molds! I would use these for favors for our vintage themed wedding!

  90. It’s very trendy right now to have photobooths with silly props…how about a photobooth with chocolate props using the mustache lolly mold!

    It can be the favor and will encourage people to come over to the photobooth and get goofy!

    Bake It Pretty has all the fun little details to put it together! πŸ™‚

  91. I would use the tulip cups for a spring wedding.

  92. we are getting married in april and having a dessert buffet! the favor boxes would be a great addition so that people can take them home πŸ˜€

  93. I am in love with everything on their site! I would for sure want to use some of their beautiful cupcake wrappers, and edible glitter for fun cupcakes, and darling paper straws for whimsical drinks. Good luck to everyone! Cheers!

  94. We’ve been looking for cute closed boxes for popcorn so people can easily take them home and the circus popcorn boxes are perfect!! If I don’t win, I’ll probably buy them! Thanks!

  95. i LOVE the pink polka dot and striped straws! they have been on my “to purchase for the wedding” list for like ever πŸ™‚

  96. YAY! My fiance proposed to me with cupcakes, so we are incorporating cupcakes into the wedding by using cupcakes as our escort cards, and putting little flags in them with peoples names and table numbers! I would loveee to use the cupcake wrappers to make our cupcakes even more pretty! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  97. Oh what pretty things I could buy with $100.
    I love your shop….its so fun to browse and be inspired!

    Smiles, Dolly

  98. I love the cupcake liners and straws!! The liners espcially would be perfect for a dessert bar!

  99. So darn cute!! Everything!

  100. I would love to use some of the fun straws at our wedding!!

  101. I would buy some bakers twine for my invitations and some individual cupcake holders for any leftovers.

  102. There are a few things that i would love to use in our wedding! First I would love the number chocolate molds that we would make lollipops numbers and use as our “escort cards”. I would also love the blue striped and green striped straws since we are having a nautical stripe theme for our wedding!

  103. The paper straws!!! But I’m not getting married, but could have the best kids party with those supplies.

  104. I’d love using the paper straws to make ice cream soda cupcakes instead of having a big wedding cake!

  105. I love the cupcake liners, the cute packaging and the candy molds! adorable!

  106. Twine + cellophane or bakers bags to package either ingredients for s’mores or mulled cider spices for our guests. Need to decide soon! And buy packaging…



  107. For the kids table each place setting will hold a small craft paper boat with a flag bearing each child’s name. I love this idea because as children both myself and my fiance loved the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” Each boat will feature “ropes” from which peppermint lifesavers will hang as life rings. The Lilac Purple Mini Twine Bundle would make perfect ropes for our plum inspired wedding.

  108. I want to use the baking cups for my cupcake favors and the straws as such. Bakerella did something with a mini cupcake and some straws that was inspiring.

  109. I love the baking cups! They would be perfect for my wedding cupcakes.

  110. I love the cupcake cups and how great they are for wedding cupcakes!

  111. I would buy the striped straws in red, blue, yellow and grey – my wedding colors!

  112. I love the baking twine and definitely would incorporate it into favor packaging!

  113. My favourite thing, okay my two favourite things) on the bake it pretty site are the disco dust and the cupcake liners! I have ordered many of these in the past! I would use the cupcake liners for the wedding cupcakes and the disco dust on the cookies I am planning on making for the favors!

  114. Ooh I’m crazy for Bake It Pretty! I really love their array of Cupcake Wrappers! Can’t you just imagine a sweet table with towers of fancy wrapped cupakes!!!!

  115. There are SO many things on Bake it Pretty that I would use for our candy buffet/ dessert table at our wedding. I love the polka dot cupcake liners, the “jumbo quins” for cupcake toppers, the peapod green twine to tie up candy bags, Clear cello bags, and the jumbo pastry tips would make for some super cute icing on the cupcakes!! πŸ™‚

  116. I would pick out some of the gorgeous cupcake liners for a cupcake tower! They are so pretty!

  117. Anything black, white, and any color of pink!!

  118. if i had endless resources and time, i would love to give little baked treats to all our guests. i’ve been wanting to try out the loaf liners and baking molds so maybe some kind of mini coffee cake in a baking mold, wrapped up in cellophane or parchment paper, and tied up with bakers twine πŸ™‚

  119. I think the striped paper straws would be adorable addition to a dessert bar at a wedding!

  120. I love the baker’s twine. I would use it to wrap up goodies.

  121. I love the baking cups and the different toppings. From the beginning we have wanted to do cupcakes instead of a cake – what a great way to make them even more adorable!

  122. I LOVE Bake It Pretty, I check the site everyday (sometimes more) for new items added. My favorite things on the site are anything to do with cupcakes…the cups, sprinkles, toppers, you name it, I love it. I don’t want a traditional wedding cake, but a whole bunch of cupcakes instead. Something fun, fresh, and funky.

  123. I absolutely love the yellow and white striped straws. I would stick them in tall glasses of cool lemonade.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  124. I would to have scoop up the Castle tin cookie cutters and make cute cookies dusted with sparkly sugar. They would be perfect favors for a fairy tale wedding, don’t you agree? πŸ™‚

  125. I love the striped straws and bakers twine!

  126. The chocolate lolly moulds are divine!! I could make a bouquet of chocolate roses and use it as a centerpiece/wedding favour!

  127. I’d like some polkadot cello bags for the candy tables and i would get more candy molds as well. We will also be using the Saw cake knife, i already ordered that. There is so much stuff that i love…

  128. i love their cupcake toppers! i think a lot of them are sooo creative and i would definitely find a way to incorporate them into my wedding theme!

  129. I think I already own 99% of Bake It Pretty’s stock, but can always get the extra 1%!!

  130. Love those Tiny Shipping Tags! And the Black Polka Dot Cello Bags.

  131. i just got sent to bake it pretty from a friend and i am in love! i want to plan a party for every one of my friends’ children! we’re planning a baby shower for a friend right now and i’m swooning over the straws and baking cups! i would definitely incorporate both of them into a wedding reception as well!

  132. This site is so fun and i love decorating. I will definitely be ordering from here! I would incorporate the fun edible glitter and polka dot straws into a wedding theme. πŸ™‚

  133. Bake it Pretty is one of my favorite baking sites. I love the great selection of baking cups and toppers.

  134. LOVE the striped straws, and am dying to make Bakerella’s latest treats with them!

  135. I LOVE the yellow dot cupcake wrappers! We’re baking all the cupcakes for our wedding, and they would be TOO perfect!

  136. I love bake it pretty! I plan on having cupcakes on display stands. I would think the cupcakes would look lovely in the Blue Baroque Cupcake Wrappers! As favors I would put a little cute cakes or treats in the Mini Pearl Dots Gable Boxes. Our guests can take a little bit of our special day with them!

  137. Yay! Love this! I need touches of fun! Especially love the straws!

  138. All that twine, it’s fantastic! I could use it countless number of times, not to mention those paper straws are adorable!

  139. Love Bake It Pretty! The straws are too cute! Perfect for sundae cupcakes!

  140. They are darling! Love to have them at my wedding!

  141. I would probably use it for my cupcake favors. These definitely will give that extra flavor to it! so delightful!

  142. Ahh I love Bake It Pretty! I just bought a few things as a birthday present to myself πŸ™‚

    As for my wedding…. I would want lots and lots of their colorful baking cups so I could have a HUGE wedding cake made of cupcakes. That way there’s a variety of different flavors for people to choose from.

    I’d also use the Edible Glitter/Sprinkles to make them even MORE colorful and festive! πŸ™‚

    And, because the paper straws are so cute, I’d figure out a way to incorporate them too LOL

  143. I love their site! I would definitely use the cupcake wrappers or the straws in a specialty cocktail!

  144. I love Bake it Pretty!!! I love the doted baking cups! it is so colourful!

  145. Love the baking cups to spruce up my cakepops.

  146. I go GAGA over Bake it Pretty, her selection is FANTASTIC, what fun stuff: )

  147. I especially love the teak baking cups!

  148. I would use the polka dotted cupcake papers for a fabulous cupcake display!

  149. I am always looking for fun “this and that’s” to spice up or bring a certain “punch” to a celebration. The selection of baking cups and molds are simply FUN. I cannot find anything like them in my local craft stores. I look at all the time-even at work!!! I mean, where else can can you find cupcake bandaids? Im a fan for life!! πŸ™‚

  150. We’re getting married in June and the paper straws would look wonderful for our kids tables!

  151. I love Bake It Pretty! The bakers twine is my favorite, I would use it for all kinds of packaging.

  152. Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

  153. I love absolutely everything on the website, but my favorite are all the cupcake wrappers! So colorful and fun.

  154. SUCH a fan of those paper straws…and cupcake liners…and…just about everything!!

  155. I can’t wait to order the new straws for my daughters wedding candy buffet. I think it will add a bit of fun to the table.

  156. I would LOVE to win this!! They have the cutest stuff, and with the dearth of anything good baking related here, I shall appreciate it even more!!

  157. I’m having a huge dessert bar at my wedding full of mini desserts! I’m sure I could find something there to utilize …like the entire store πŸ™‚

  158. So many cute details I would love to use! My first item would have to be the oyster gray bakers twine, I would use this to tie off our favors and a few other ideas I have for it. Would also make use of the black & white and fuchsia & white paper straws, we are serving a local soda company’s beverages and these would be so adorable stuck in the glass bottles! Also think the cameo chocolate molds would be a perfect addition to my vintage inspired wedding!

  159. I am helping three friends plan their wedding and I think it’s the small simple details that make a real statement. Did I mention I am also a cupcake fanatic? I love all things cupcake. I would use the liners, stripy straws and a million other things in their wedding dessert tables. How fun!

  160. I LOVE those straws. I’d love to use those in cute raspberry lemonades. So cute!

  161. I love the polka dot paper cups, they would look gorgeous in my friends wedding cupcakes!!

  162. Definitely love the baking cups — so many possibilities for cupcakes! I want to have a dessert bar so they would fit in perfectly.

  163. I LOVE the cute cupcake liners! In so many adorable colors and patterns. I woudllove to use them for the bridal shower cupcakes ect.
    Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!

  164. id use the straws at cocktail hour for sure! and use some cupcake liners at my bridal shower.

  165. I love the paper straws. How cute! They’d be perfect for a kid’s table.

  166. I love bake it pretty!!! I order stuff all the time!!!

  167. Amazing giveaway! Bake it Pretty is great – would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  168. I love the variety of straws, the edible glitter and luster dust, and the red victorian cupcake liners. I would use these items and more to make a awesome dessert table on my special day.

  169. I hadn’t heard about Bake It Pretty before–thank you for writing about it. I love their stuff! My favorite things are the baking cups–so many great designs. I would use the Modern Foil or Polka Dot ones for my wedding in a heartbeat! The simple Black & White ones are nice, too.

  170. I love the paper lanterns and some of those chocolate molds are just fantastic!

  171. I came across this site while researching how to decorate a desserts table for my gf’s bridal shower…I am thinking of using a variety of patterened cupcake liners (in the same or tonal colors) to hold small snacks like M&M’s, goldfish crackers and milano cookies (all faves of the bride!)
    Love the paper products, thanks for the idea!

  172. I would get tons of the cupcake liners in different colors/patterns and string them into garlands. Use them as a backdrop for a photo booth or dessert table!

  173. The red and turquoise scroll cupcake liners match our theme perfectly. Cupcakes while tasty have no reason to not look classy!

  174. Oh I’ve been eyeing their Buttery Sweet Dough Baking Emulsion for a while! I would totally incorporate this!

  175. What a lovely idea! I’ve been following Bake it Pretty for a fair bit of time now and certainly have seen some amazing products there. It’s very inspiring, especially after looking through the posts here as well.

    Thank you for featuring this contest! (do Canadians get to play? haha)

  176. So many darling retro ideas! I would most definitely use the retro tissue fringe, hung vertically as a backdrop for a fun photo booth! I also love the striped straws in yellow… like sunshine in a glass.

  177. Bake It Pretty has inspired me as an event coordinator and as a mom of five. I especilly like the paper straws and baking twine. Thanks The Inspired Bride for the give away.

  178. I have been looking for a site that sells these types of supplies! This site is awesome! I love the gold fancy crown “cupcake” holders. So many possible uses- I would love to see these filled with rock candy, hot and spicy hearts candy, or other bright, fun sweets.

  179. My favorite are the paper straws, which you can match to any party/wedding color. It’s all about the details!

  180. I’m doing (and my doing, I mean baking my own- can we say wedding on a budget??) cupcakes instead of cake for my wedding and would LOVE to have the adorable cups. That would help cut down my expenses without me having cheesy-looking cupcakes!

  181. I love the gable boxes (the zebra is my favorite!) how great would they be for a baked good favor to take home? Fabulous!
    smartinez03 at live dot com

  182. would love to have the cupcake wrappers they would be so cute πŸ˜‰

  183. Naturally I adore the polka dot baking cups, but I’m partial to the striped paper straws. Happy anniversary by the way!

  184. I LOVE the straws … they would look so cute on cupcakes!

  185. Thank you, for helping me find my newest addiction! Bake It Pretty is absolutely adorable! The cupcake wrappers are so cute, especially the baroque pattern. My mind is also going on how to incorporate the straws- it’s always the little details. Love it!

  186. I love all things paper! I am planning to use the cute striped paper straws in green and polka dot paper portion cups in green and light blue to hold candy treats. We’re trying to cut costs on the reception since my fiance and I are footing the wedding bill so I’m trading flowers for punches of color everywhere and these products would be the PERFECT fit! Creativity is more memorable then flowers anyways πŸ™‚

  187. I would incorporate the large gerber daisies.
    They are adorable.

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  188. I absolutely adore everything in Bake it Pretty, but my favorite thing of all time is their cupcake holders πŸ™‚ I’ve always dreamed of having a cupcake tower in my wedding, and when I get married, I’ll definitely order a whole bunch to make that tower! πŸ˜€

  189. I die for paper straws! I could see them now sitting pretty in lemonade filled vintage blue ball jars, wrapped in green twine, yes please!

  190. I love the straws! These would be perfect in my pink punch!

  191. Love the chunky crystal sugar, and the gnome and mushroom cookie cutters! What a fun, quirky cookie buffet you could put out for the end of the night:)

  192. For a Wedding inspiration, I would use the polka dots cupcake cups and make it into a cupcake tower. I like how it’s very colorful. It also shows a unique style to it.

  193. I LOVE the paper straws…they are my new obsession. πŸ™‚

  194. I LOVE the paper straws! They are my new obsession… πŸ™‚

  195. I just love the cupcake liners…I would feature cupcakes at my wedding as a kind of in between dinner and late night soup indulgence. Thank you for the chance tow in

  196. Disco Dust!! I love Bake It Pretty so much. Thinking about doing cupcakes rather than traditional wedding cake, so the liners would also be amazing.

  197. I would use their sweet cupcake toppers and colorful
    Sprinkles to personalize cupcakes.

  198. so fun! I am dying to have stripped straws at my wedding so I will definitly be checking them out!

  199. I love Bake It Pretty. I’m always on their site drooling over their stuff! This is a great giveaway!!

  200. I absolutely LOVE the pink straws! They would go perfectly with my garden themed wedding!

  201. My new favorite are the straws but I also love their Dashing Dots baking cups! Everything on Bake It Pretty is amazing!

  202. I would totally use the cupcake wraps for all of the cupcakes I’m going to bake for our wedding reception. So sweet!

  203. Love the cute cupcake liners!

  204. I’m hosting a baby shower next month and the baking cups would make my cookies and cream cupcakes even cuter!

  205. Oh, wow! I could spend days browsing through the goodies. And now we have a wedding to plan, too! Inspired Bride and Bake It Pretty will be seeing lots of me.

  206. I spend hours on Bake it Pretty dreaming of all everything I want!

  207. I just found this website and I am already in love with it! I have a wedding I am helping with this spring and I would definitely use the cupcake liners, ring mold, colored melties, food coloring, flavors,…. I could go on forever!

  208. The cupcake liners are great! I could get so creative!

  209. I would use the cupcake wrappers and place an individual cupcake ‘wedding cake’ at each place setting.

  210. I love all the candy molds – they would make cute favors

  211. well…for my nieces wedding in july in would put the candy raspberries in glassine bags for favors. but like lots of others i too adore the straws…and anything pink.

  212. My go-to site to get supercute cupcake liners is Bake It Pretty!!! My little girl loves to pick different liners for cupcakes that we bake for her friends and schoolmates!

    I would definitely use the different cupcake liners to create a supercute cupcake tower for the kids to enjoy at a wedding. And I love the glassine bags for making little snack bags for out of town guests. I make a variety of snacks (savory and sweet) and put them in a pretty basket which is then left in the room for them to enjoy upon arrival.

  213. Love the Bake-it-Pretty cupcake liners and the polka dot straws! Too cute!

  214. I don’t have a wedding coming up, and I’m far too lazy to plan a vows renewal ceremony. But I love their cupcake picks and liners for jazzing up meals and snacks for my kiddo! She loves using picks to eat her food, and I love designing themes around the colors or graphics on the cupcake liners!

  215. I love the selection of colors and that you can make everything coordinate!

  216. loveee the dots! on everything! that comes in every color!

  217. I’ll probably go NUTS!!! then I would pick a theme like white and black, with ballons, paper straws for decorating the cupcakes, doted white cupcakes, with black ribbons at the chairs, and I would prepare pop cakes for the ocassion, and go nuts again when it’s all ready for the celebration

  218. Wonderful site, I’ve loved it for years now! My neice is getting married this summer and her reception will be a Dessert Reception. I’d love to use some pretty cupcake liners to make individual cream cheese cakes! Oh, and I love the button molds, somehow I could use those for something! Thanks for the chance to win!

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