DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card

by Niki in β€” Updated August 26, 2023 β€” Reading Time: 2 minutes

DIY Week

As I previously mentioned in our DIY Challenge Contest, we’re going to kick off another Do It Yourself Week soon and this time, you get to influence it. Pick your favorite color card from the following top choices and comment on this post to vote for it. The top vote getter will influence one of the projects during the DIY Week!

DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card 6

DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card 7

DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card 8

DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card 9

DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card 10

29 thoughts on “DIY Week: Nominate Your Favorite Color Card”

  1. The card that starts with merlot and raspberry for sure!

  2. The third one with the apples, so tasty!

  3. I vote for the apples πŸ™‚ Yumm-o!

  4. #4!

  5. I vote for the last one with the dusty purple, dark wash denim….

  6. #4! The one with the lifts! Feels like spring going into summer… Yay color!

  7. The last one with Dusty Purple – Ballerina!

  8. one w/ pink pebble, yay!

  9. #3, Merlot, raspberry, etc.

  10. I vote for #3. Here are the reasons:
    #1 reminds me of little girl’s Easter dresses.
    #2 is v. nice, but I have a hard time imagining how to work that dark color into a wedding… maybe dark wooden tables?
    #4 I love the picture, but the colors could turn into a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper if used incorrectly! πŸ˜€
    #5 is also nice, but just not as exciting as #3.
    #3 uses both warm and cool colors, which is exciting to me – I can also see bridesmaids dresses in all the lighter colors and groomsmen suits in the darkest. Tres chic!

  11. the one with the apples

  12. Although it has been already hard to change something I vote for #1 πŸ™‚

  13. I’m all about #4! I want to plan my own wedding with that color palette. Beautiful!

  14. A vote for #4 (ski lifts)

  15. The one with pink pebble, cerise, bright persimmon, spring bud, blue mint is my fave!

  16. I LOVE the Merlot/Raspberry card.

  17. Although I love the last one the most, I am going with #2 (the fence) because I like the range of colors.

  18. Definitely the color card with the apples — love those colors! Okay, I have a second fave, the one with the blues + the dandelion — such fab color palettes!

  19. My vote is for palette #3, with the apples!

  20. My vote is for #4…the kicker was the spring bud!

  21. Alright guys, I’m closing comments now since I’m heading off to buy DIY Week supplies… you’ll see the winner soon (or you can just tally up the comments yourself of course…) Thanks for all your input!

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