Airy with Elegance and Love


I love how this wedding, aside from being beautifully decorated, was a family-oriented day. How everyone in their small family of three was super involved in during the ceremony for their son walked them both down the aisle. I love how it symbolizes that he brought them both closer together. But aside from that, talking about the wedding details, the grey and yellow palette looked so lovely. It was perfect for the laidback but elegant vibe the decors had. I specially loved the outfits. Gray vests and yellow ties on the guys looked so adorable! Anyway, congratulations to our couple Tamara and Josue!

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A Colorful Military Wedding


I know what you’re thinking. Beyond the navy blues or forest greens, the military is anything but colorful but hey, this isn’t your usual run off the mill military wedding but rather an infusion of this highly respected position and the beautiful Hispanic culture. I love how our bride picked the awesome parts of these two and created this totally amazing wedding. From the sword exits to the hacienda inspired decor, there’s a variety of details that are sure to tickle your fancy. Very elegant, very military, and very colorful. Congratulations Karina & Roberto on such a beautiful event.

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Romantic NYC Rooftop Wedding


New York City rooftops have been the locations of some mainstream movies like Friends with Benefits & Confessions of a Shopaholic and it’s because the view of the skyline is just spectacular. There are tons of skylines all around the country but nothing can compare to that of NYC and our featured wedding made use of that. Historical and towering buildings, such as the Empire State Building, was the background of Ylorie & Brian’s ceremony. It was the perfect edge for the otherwise sweetly decorated event. I really love this wedding’s details. The candy bar, the cake, and center pieces were some of the noteworthy ones. See it for yourself guys and enjoy. And to our couple, congratulations!

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Minimalistic Elegance


Minimalistic has been the trend for quite a while now – may it come to interior designing, architecture, and now even weddings! Not only does it mean less stress for our brides and planners but there’s always some sort of elegance that comes with being minimalistic. I guess it’s because nothing is overshadowing something and all the details’ good sides are emphasized. For example, I love our bride’s sleek, sophisticated and minimalistic hair style for it gave us a clear view of her big smiles! It was a simple day but undeniably elegant. Congratulations Allison & Reid!

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