Putting Your Wedding Budget on a Diet: 3 Tricks to Save Money

Weddings can put a dent in a bride and groom’s finances for years to come. If  you are operating on a very small budget, like under $5,000, you definitely need to find ways to cut costs. Here are 3 tricks to save a lot of money!


Nearly 12% of most brides’ budgets are spent on photography. Of course you want those beautiful wedding photos, but it’s an expense you don’t have to have. Provide disposable cameras for each guest, and tape a little list to it of the things you really want pictures of. Provide a bin for them to place the cameras on as they leave. You can also ask a talented friend to take more formal wedding photos.

Update: Not interested in disposables? iPhones shoot amazing photos and are even being used on weddings! Check it out here

Disposable Camera for Wedding Guests


If you hire a DJ for your wedding, you can expect to allocate about 8% of your wedding budget on that. It’s easier, and cheaper, to create a playlist on your iPod and use that. While you won’t have the introductions and the chatter from the DJ, you’ll have your favorite songs at your fingertips.

Wedding Dance

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The Gown

Your gown will be the most expensive piece of attire purchased for the wedding. If you’re not sentimental, you might consider renting a gown. Alternatively, you could wear a family member’s gown. This would not only make them proud, but would save you a nice chunk of change that can be used elsewhere.

Wedding Gown


Weddings are expensive; there’s no doubt about that. But you can be proactive and look for ways to cut costs so you’re not carrying around debt from your wedding for years.

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