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Broken Rock Ranch

Since all brides are not the same, neither should all wedding venues. Broken Rock Ranch is a prime example of one of these unique wedding locations. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kami Voertman, one of the owners to discuss this hidden treasure.
If you are searching for a down home country-style wedding the Broken Rock Ranch is the ideal wedding spot for you and your fiancée.
Kami and her family acquired it in 2009 and I asked her if her original plan for the facility was as a wedding venue? She giggled and responded, “No! I originally wanted to run stables here. I Love horses. I had plans to turn the hotel rooms into barns stables.” So I had to ask how she ended up going from horses to brides? She smiled and said, “Well it kind of just evolved. We started doing church functions and business groups, and realized that if we could do those functions then weddings were not all that different?
I had to ask what the biggest challenge was with owning a wedding venue, and Kami admitted that there are times when things get rather crazy. “Sometimes I will take a look at the Bride, and I can tell that she is about to have a major meltdown. I will go to her, grab her by the arm and say, ‘come with me, you need to powder your nose’ and I will get her out of the line of fire. It is so overwhelming sometimes, and she is being approached by everyone looking for answers, when in reality, no one should be bothering her on this day. This is her day, and she should just be enjoying this memory that will stay with her for the rest of her life.”
Kami revealed that often it is the MOB and MOG that are even more demanding than the bride and groom. I looked at her with a dazed expression, not wanting to look like a wedding novice and after a few moments I figured out to what or should I say whom, she was referring. The Mother of the Brides and the Mother of the Grooms. Kami also admitted that this occurs in all families whether they are doing a wedding for a Bride and Groom, Groom and Groom or Bride and Bride, “the stress of the wedding day can often get to them and I feel it is part of my job to remove as much stress as I can.” Kami explained that although she remains rather unobtrusive she can usually be found sitting on a bench somewhere on the grounds keeping an eye out for that frazzled bride needing a calming force. A quick look at Yelp reviews echoes the role Kami plays in all of her weddings. Every review raves about the service they receive from Kami and how she made their wedding day perfect!If you are looking for a venue that will take you away from all the hubbub, which generally surrounds your life (and is escalated during your wedding), this facility will allow you to get back to nature and concentrate on the real reason that this gathering of friends and family is occurring. Although it is located in the small town community of Valley Center, only 40 minutes from Downtown San Diego, it makes you feel as if you are in somewhere in the middle of America.
Broken Rock Ranch offers several different Plans for your wedding day, but there is one thing that makes this venue stand out even beyond the varied choices. Where others offer you a block of time into which you must cram all of your planned wedding day festivities, Broken Rock Ranch is different. When you book your wedding with them you don’t just have access to the facility for the usual 6-8 hours, you are given it for three full days to assure that you have sufficient time to make your wedding event the wonderful day you always dreamed it would be. Whether you use these days to drop off dresses or tuxedos, to decorate the facilities, to hang out with your bridal party, to use their resort style swimming pool or even to stay overnight in their rustic accommodations, bunk beds and all. It is totally up to you.
Once you have booked this venue, your next decision is where to hold your ceremony. There are several choices and endless possibilities as to where you can say your “I Do’s.” You can select an open air ceremony on their large open field decorated with large bales of hay and a classic vintage tractor. The backdrop for your ceremony is what is referred to as the Grandfather Pepper Tree. The surrounding view for your guests are rolling hills of plush greenery. Now how many of your friends will have similar wedding pictures hanging in their homes?
If this isn’t unique enough you can opt for a wedding in their large amphitheater, which has tiered natural rock seating this isn’t natural rock, it concrete to look like rock, with you and your groom exchanging your vows under an altar made of branches.
If you are more of a traditionalist there is always the third choice, a wedding in the church that was built by Broken Rock Ranch’s previous owner. With three unique choices no two wedding have to be the same.
As with the ceremony, your reception can be held either inside or outside. There is a reception hall where you can let the festivities begin or opt for dinning beneath the stars on the Reception Lawn with tents and its recently built dance floor.
The lodge’s professional kitchen is perfect for your caterer to whip up the amazing wedding fare, whether you chose to go with a traditional BBQ menu or select an elegant cuisine. To serve alcohol on the grounds you will need to hire a beverage service or a restaurant with a liquor license since the Ranch does not have a liquor license. Rates for a wedding at the Broken Rock Ranch are extremely reasonable with two available packages. Package A is $3,700 and that is for 200 guests and Package B is $3,000 and that is for 100 guests with every 50 over being an additional $250. A $1,000 deposit holds the venue for your wedding weekend. $2,000 refundable security deposit is required.
If you do not want the cookie cutter wedding that all of your friends have opted for, take the time to visit Broken Rock Ranch and speak with Kami. Visit their website at for more information and photos Kami can be reached via email at or call 760 719 1278.
broken Rock ranch would like to Thank SDWomanMagazine for this article.