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Smile Peace Love Creative

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    1. Allentown, Pennsylvania
Understanding the client is a valuable part of being a business owner and an artist. I understand that I need to connect with you both personally and emotionally in order to truly capture your experience. With photography especially, being able to understand your needs and desires is essential.

Smile Peace Love Photography specializes in a documentary style of capturing organic moments for a lifetime. With a lifestyle approach, I focus on emotions and interactions and give you memories to cherish. Some of the qualities that set me apart from the competition are my use of light, traveling to amazing locations, spotlighting interactions, expressions and emotions, and using my signature compulsively creative approach..

Some of the traits & values I embody..
Artistry & Creativity
Imagination & Uniqueness
Honesty & Flexibility
Eco Awareness
Open Mindedness
Harmony & Balance
Stellar Customer Service

I offer you high customer service standards, years of training and experience, constant awareness of the environment and how I impact it and most importantly an artist's point of view. My primary goal is to ALWAYS exceed your expectations and give you customer service that you can’t help talking about.

Your exceptional experience is based on the following STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE PRIORITIES..
Make sure your questions are answered before you have to ask them
Be aware of how I make you feel during the entire process
Listen, take notes, make you feel amazing about our experience together
Show you that I care about you as a person
Be flexible
Do more than my job
Find ways to WOW you
Find ways to surprise you