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    1. New York City, New York
For the modern bride-to-be, the shopping experience has to satisfy a certain need in a non-patronizing manner. We hate that pressure laden sales pitch approach, we hate the fact that brides are encouraged to lose their individuality and conform to the dictated styles of a few well funded designers! We reject any notion that beauty is only an "idealized" arrangement of physical features! Our brides are intelligent women that want an intelligent approach to make an informed choice about their wedding gown!

Designer Loft bridal features today's top and emerging bridal couture designers, including a number whose work is shown exclusively at Designer Loft Bridal Shop NY. The gowns reflect a variety of tastes, sizes and styles, celebrating the diversity of every Designer Loft bridal boutique NY. Service is what makes us different! Check the attitude and snobbery at the door, this experience is designed with ease and comfort in mind!

Designer Loft bridal is a staple for the wedding industry's top tier! Whether we are dressing an A-list celebrity for the red carpet or helping a budget conscious bride (who happens to have great taste) with a gown from our famous "Off the Runway" sample sales, we are committed to providing the best in customer service for all our customers, no matter how big or small the purchase.

We invite you to experience the enormous difference Designer Loft's bridal service can make on your special day!